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Toyota shows off ‘Window to the World’ glass tech (+video)

As we head deeper in the 21st-century we are becoming more surrounded by ‘smart’ technology as it creeps into everyday items. Soon our refrigerators will have internet connections and our phones already have more processing Read More

Honda Civic celebrates 39 years and 19 million vehicles (+video)

The Honda Civic has at some time been a part of most our lives, whether we owned one or rode shotgun with friends or family. We all have some sort of Civic story. Honda is Read More

11-year-old boy pulls wild donuts in Audi R8 sportscar (+video)

There may be a few parties that would object to the antics of this 11-year-old boy who does some donuts in an Audi R8 in a vacant field. There’s the boys mother, who we’re guessing Read More

Spada drops details on hardcore Codatronca Monza (+video)

Italian boutique carmaker Spada Vetture Sport has just released images and details on its Codatronca Monza model following its debut at Top Marques Monaco. Commissioned by Aznom, the unique model is based on Spadas Codatronca Read More

BMW opens virtual tour of its Art Car program (+video)

In a program that started 40 years, BMW has collaborated with world famous artists to create 17 art cars with each being a historic work of art. The cars are highly valuable but aren’t just Read More

Jay Leno test drives 2012 VW Beetle and its oldest ancestor (+video)

Being Jay Leno isn’t always a tough job. Not only does he get to potter round in his garage with one of the most enviable car collections in the world, but auto manufacturers let him Read More