Kiwi bloke builds World’s first motorcycle hearse (+video)

Kiwi bloke builds World’s first motorcycle hearse (+video)

Given the level of dedication that so many motorbike riders have for their machines it isn’t a massive surprise that someone has created the world’s first motorcycle hearse. What is surprising is that it took a Kiwi to do it. NZ born, Melbourne resident Mike Price is the man behind the monster and he reckons if there is enough interest in his purpose-built machine he will come back to NZ and set up a factory to produce them.

The bike can carry up to 200 kgs in an underbelly cradle, you just need to push a button and the rig slides out to let the pallbearers make the lift. A complex system of hydraulics helps stabilise everything, and two riders are needed to get the deceased in transit.

The motorbike’s motivation comes from a 1,350 cc Harley-Davidson engine, and Mike says that he originally wanted to partner with HD on the project. Unfortunately Harley wanted Mike to sign a lengthy contract before they’d even look at his design, he declined and built the bike himself after work. For three years the bike’s been “tucked out of sight” to make sure no one pinches Mike’s idea. But after having secured copyright in 28 countries, he’s now got it on display for everyone to see.

If you want to check out the bike yourself, it is currently on display at the Mitre 10 Mega Store at 230 Great South Road, Takanini, Auckland. It will be there until the 28th of May.

To find out more about the bike go to check out a short video on the bike below.

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