BMW driver takes on flooded NZ road (+video)

BMW driver takes on flooded NZ road (+video)

Here in NZ when it rains it can really come down and that means that occasionally our roads get flooded. Perhaps it’s because we love our cars or maybe because we don’t want to look like dickheads but when faced with a cordoned off flooded road we always go around the long way. Well it turns out that not all of us take the safe approach and a video has just appeared on YouTube that shows one man making a bad call by attacking a flooded kiwi road in his fairly tidy BMW 3-Series, or what ‘was’ a tidy 3-Series.

He gets going well at first, but as the water’s current starts moving the BMW his plans are, well… sunk. The techno music is a little unnecessary, but the reactions of the rescue team are priceless. Moral of the story is – don’t try and be a hero out there folks.

Check out the video below.

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