Ford Fiesta marks 35th Birthday with 15 million sales

August 5th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Ford’s Fiesta has had three years of success with a massive number of global sales but the last few years haven’t been the only important ones for the plucky little hatch.

The Fiesta’s history goes all the way back to 1976 when the very first Fiesta rolled off the production line. Since then it has gone on to sell 15 million units and demand is showing no signs of slowing. The Fiesta is currently Europe’s biggest selling small-car with production coming out of Cologne, Germany. It is also built in Nanjing, China, Rayong, Thailand, and Cuautitlàn, Mexico.

After thirty-five years, six generations and 15 million cars the Fiesta began from humble beginnings and is now a nameplate with true heritage and longevity. Continue reading “Ford Fiesta marks 35th Birthday with 15 million sales” »

Bugatti’s ambitious production plans for Galibier sedan

August 2nd, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Bugatti is one of the world’s most famous boutique carmakers but finds itself on the verge of having no models in production. With the hardcore Veyron hyper car nearing the finish of its production cycle what will this historic brand do next?

It’s all pointing towards full production for the four-door Galibier concept car which was first unveiled nearly two years back. There has been no official confirmation that the Galibier will make it into production but it is becoming nearly inevitable. According to recent reports a German car-magazine is claiming to have Bugatti top man Wolfgang Dürheimer on record confirming the Galibier’s production for sometime late next year. Continue reading “Bugatti’s ambitious production plans for Galibier sedan” »

Maserati details ambitious plans for new model range

July 28th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Maserati has detailed its ambitious plans to shift up a gear and increase annual sales to 50,000 units. There are new products that will push the growth with concepts scheduled to debut at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show.

What Maserati expect to become its volume seller is an all-new entry-level sedan (code-named the M157) it may be launched as early as next year and will compete directly with the Audi A6, BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class. Expect luxury appointment on the inside but a Chrysler-sourced engine under the bonnet. The rumoured power source is a turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 – based on the current Chrysler 3.6-litre V6 and alternatively, a 224 kW 3.0-litre V6 diesel currently shared with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The new sedan is expected to cost between €55,000 to €70,000. Continue reading “Maserati details ambitious plans for new model range” »

Alfa Romeo releases promo video for 4C concept

July 26th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Alfa Romeo is getting pumped-up about its new 4C mid-engine sports coupe that could arrive in European showrooms as early as next year.

To send its fans into a frenzy the Italian carmaker has just released a new promotional video for the 4C concept car.

The production car will feature a lightweight carbon fibre body and a mid-mounted, turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine with more than 150kW of power on tap. A dual-clutch gearbox will feature and will help the coupe accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than five seconds and hit a top speed in excess of 250 km/h.

Check out the video below to find out more. Continue reading “Alfa Romeo releases promo video for 4C concept” »

Mexican-built Mastretta MXT a success despite Top Gear slagging

July 12th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

The 2011 Mastretta MXT, Mexico’s very own sports car is increasing production despite the controversial slagging it took on the Top Gear TV show.

Mastretta is being the opposite of lazy and will produce 100 vehicles by the end of the year, with predictions of double that amount in 2012. The first production MXT will be delivered to its new owner by the end of July.

After Clarkson, May and Hammond ripped apart Mexican cars and cuisine it would have been easy for company co-founder Daniel Mastretta to try and get even. But the culturally insensitive comments on the popular show helped publicize the MXT and also led the company to make improvements to the model. This has meant more cars need to be produced and has helped Mastretta become a recognised carmaker. Continue reading “Mexican-built Mastretta MXT a success despite Top Gear slagging” »

Aston Martin to put V12 Zagato into limited production

July 8th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Aston Martin has confirmed its new V12 Zagato will be put into limited production following on from a successful unveiling at the Villa D’ Este Concours show. Following its debut the V12 Zagato, went on to complete in the 39th ADAC Nürburgring 24 Hour race and Aston Martin claims that there is overwhelming interest from customers for the V12 Zagato.

Based on Aston’s V12 Vantage and sporting a handcrafted aluminium and carbon fibre body, the V12 Zagato will be produced in very limited numbers.  Orders are now being taken and production is expected to commence during summer 2012 at Aston Martin’s global headquarters at Gaydon, Warwickshire.

Speaking about the V12 Zagato, Aston Martin’s Chief Executive Dr. Ulrich Bez, said: “Such style, exclusivity and fastidious craftsmanship ensures it will be one of the most highly coveted models in Aston Martin’s 98-year history. A fabulous celebration of the iconic DB4GT Zagato, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the V12 Zagato is the perfect inspiration for the next 50 years of Aston Martin.”

In honour of the performance and racing heritage of previous collaborations, the first two V12 Zagatos were developed as endurance race cars from the outset and had their track debut just one week after being shown to the public at the Villa D’Este Concours. Continue reading “Aston Martin to put V12 Zagato into limited production” »

Range Rover Evoque production begins – in NZ this November

July 6th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Production of the Range Rover Evoque at Land Rover’s Halewood manufacturing plant in Liverpool, England has begun this week.

The first shipment of Evoques for New Zealand will go on sale here in November.

Jaguar Land Rover’s CEO, Ralf Speth together with JLR executive officers, union representatives and employees, gathered to celebrate the start of Evoque production. The first car to roll off the production line was donated to the British Motor Industry Heritage trust.

“The Evoque is an incredibly exciting vehicle that joins a product range which across both of our brands is the strongest we have ever had – and it fits in perfectly,” commented Dr Speth. “The teams that have designed, engineered and built the new Evoque, working together with our research and supplier partners, can be immensely proud of their achievement. Worldwide interest in our new car has been exceptional.” Continue reading “Range Rover Evoque production begins – in NZ this November” »

Bugatti Veyron nearing absolute retirement

June 29th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

It’s style never appealed to all but there was no denying its raw power and now the Bugatti Veyron is looking down the barrel of retirement. It tool seven years and a gang of special edition variants but the Veyron 16.4 hardtop has now reached its promised limit of just 300 cars.

The model will continue for a limited time in Veyron Grand Sport convertible form but for now hardtop production is over.

In 2003 the Veyron stormed on to the hyper car scene and was unmatched in terms of aggression and absolute power. Powered by a 8.0 litre W16 engine, which is force fed by four turbochargers the Veyron produces 736kW in regular form and 883kW in Super Sport trim.

The Veyron’s top speed is a confirmed 408.47km/h, and 431.072km/h for the Super Sport. The 0-100km/h sprint is dispatched in a terrifying 2.46 seconds, and after 10 seconds you’d be already pulling 240km/h. Continue reading “Bugatti Veyron nearing absolute retirement” »

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