Subaru Legacy GT Spec B Premium Wagon 2013 Review

December 2nd, 2013 by Darren Cottingham

Mention a Legacy GT Spec B to anyone of my generation (born in the ‘70s) who had an interest in cars when they were in their 20s and you’ll be regaled usually with fond memories of either ownership, mates who owned one, or the intoxication of the throbbing boxer engine. For those of you who remember the Friday night cruises up Queen Street, those old four-cylinder turbo Legacys in both sedan and wagon form were a fixture of the scene from 1989 through to the early 2000s. It was the mixture of capacious storage and the power to win the traffic lights grand prix that made them so appealing. subaru-legacy-gt.b-2013-rear-quartersubaru-legacy-gt.b-2013-front-interiorBut times move on and the Legacy isn’t any longer the fantasy car of practical boy racers. But should it be? We drove the Legacy X just a few weeks ago. It was quite good, but lacked the old Subaru character and certainly wasn’t fast. Now we’ve got our mitts on this Legacy GT B Premium spec, and it somewhat redresses the balance. It harks back to those original performance Legacys with the bonnet scoop and the kind of acceleration that frightens your granny. Neither the scoop or performance are extreme like they were on some of the Subaru WRX STI models in the past, but they’re there to remind you that in this Legacy the engine needs more than just the air that flows through the grille, and it will reward you with smiles. This vent channels cold air onto the top-mounted intercooler, which improves the turbo’s performance. Power is 195kW and 350Nm from the 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol motor, and it’s driven through a five-speed automatic. This is much better for this type of car than Subaru’s Lineartronic CVT gearbox, but it’s not the most responsive of gearboxes, especially when you compare it to, say, a DSG gearbox in a Volkswagen. 0-100kph feels like it’s in the low 6-second range, though no figure is given by Subaru. It’s not lightning fast off the line, but better when you’re moving. Gear shifts need to be anticipated because they’re a little slow even in manual mode. Continue reading “Subaru Legacy GT Spec B Premium Wagon 2013 Review” »

Subaru Legacy 2.5 X Sedan 2013 Review

October 20th, 2013 by Darren Cottingham

The Legacy 2.5X sits in the middle of the range with the 2.5i Sport at the bottom and the GT Premium at the top. Safety is an ever-increasing buying factor and the 2.5X has the full complement of offerings from Subaru.

subaru-legacy-x-2013-rear-quarterThe two models beneath it don’t get Subaru’s EyeSight preventative safety technology, while the two models above add Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) which allows you to adjust driving dynamics and throttle response.

subaru-legacy-x-2013-sideHaving owned a couple of Subarus in the past (one 1991 Legacy RS-RA and one 1996 WRX STI Type R) and being a definite advocate of the brand, it’s very noticeable to me how the character of the vehicles has changed.

Subarus used to have an aura, a sound and a driving manner all of their own; I liked it. Now, the Legacy just feels like any old large sedan that has lost its ‘Subaruness’, albeit a large sedan that rides exceptionally well. Some people might say this is good, though, because they have shed the boy racer image. Continue reading “Subaru Legacy 2.5 X Sedan 2013 Review” »

Unique Legacy For Rural Use

May 1st, 2012 by Karen Joy Provo

Subaru has unveiled a new New Zealand-bound Legacy variant at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

The Model Year 2013 car features a new grille, front bumpers, and sporty sills with chrome-type highlights, exclusive 18-inch wheels and ride height raised 60 mm.

Interior detail changes include black metal-type centre panel, centre console and steering switch panel, while the electronic park brake and SI-Drive switches are relocated for easier use.

“This new Legacy variant will be ideal for kiwi rural roads,” said Wallis Dumper, the Managing Director of Subaru of New Zealand. “We have a huge percentage of unsealed surfaces and the extra ride height adds to its capability in regional and rural areas.

“Another key aspect of this new Legacy variant is that the hip point is 70 mm higher than the current sedan, making entry and exit easier, which should really suit some of those traditional Calais and Fairmont drivers who you witness climbing out of their “gravel-rashed” vehicles in most rural communities.”

“Only three markets in the world – Australia, China and New Zealand – are getting this new variant, recognising some of the unique road conditions experienced in these countries.”

“It is still an enlightening statistic that a lot of our rural roads are unsealed, about a third in fact”.

“Obviously our All Wheel Drive Legacy is a great choice for these conditions and the new variant with its extra ground clearance makes an even stronger case, plus it provides a suitable environment for the farming executive of today”.

“We see its main market to be in rural areas, but it will also be ideal for those with tricky driveways, those who travel with trailers, boats and caravans, or just those who want a sedan where you can sit a bit higher.

“The new variant will initially be available in New Zealand with a 3.6 litre engine with potential for the smaller 2.5-litre engine at a later date.”

Pricing and release dates will be advised later.

Mr Dumper added: “While other Legacy in the range will retain their existing ride height, some of the other enhancements in the new variant will be shared by other Legacy in the MY13 line-up when it goes on sale later this year.

“This new variant gives us another opportunity to bring something different to market and judging by the success of our other recent offerings, including XV and Impreza; we can see a lot of potential.”

Subaru’s FT-86 ‘Toyoburu’ to use Legacy platform

August 12th, 2010 by Darren Cottingham

Recent reports are stating that the Subaru version of the upcoming Toyota FT-86 (aka Toyoburu) will sit on a revised Legacy platform with an Impreza rear suspension. This isn’t a bad option at all and it means the car should have a chassis that isn’t too soft when the roads get windy.

Under the bonnet on the Toyota FT-86 will be a hard-revving naturally aspirated 2.0-litre boxer engine with around 149 kW of power, the Subaru model is instead expected to use an updated 2.0-litre turbo with 194 kW. Both models will use the six-speed manual box from the Impreza, but an automatic transmission will most likely be on offer as well. Strangely for Subaru, all-wheel drive doesn’t seem to be included in the initial package.

Styling won’t differ from the Toyota FT-86 very much, as all body panels will be shared, but the Subaru version will feature a unique grille, modified bumpers, and unique wheels.

Expect to see this much anticipated ride on our streets sometime in 2013.

Subaru Legacy Sport CVT 2010 Review

April 30th, 2010 by Darren Cottingham

Balance is a relative skill and while it’s easy for most of us to stroll down a flat road walking a tightrope is something we leave to the professionals. Creating a successful modern four-door family sedan is another balancing act with pitfalls on either side. Styling should be distinctive but not ostentatious, handling should be dynamic but the ride comfortable and the engine needs strength but to still offer decent fuel economy. Like most carmakers Subaru has at times struggled to perform the balancing act required to appeal to the masses and has instead been viewed as a niche automaker. Now for 2010 Subaru has a new model Legacy that is attempting to appease badge fans while attracting new buyers. Car and SUV spent some time with the Legacy Sedan Sport to take in the show.

What’s immediately noticeable with the 2010 Legacy is the increase in size over its predecessor. Length, height, width and wheelbase have all seen varying increases resulting in a completely new profile. A raked character-lined bonnet pushes into the arched roofline, ending out back in a short, high boot lid. A strip of chrome trim accents the roofline and matched up well with 17-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels on our tested base-model Sport. Pumped out wheel arches, a chrome grille and XL-sized light clusters finish an exterior look that’s stylishly modern but still rather generic. in fact, it shares little resemblance to the Legacys of old and is closer aligned to the Nissan Maxima. That said, it’s a handsome machine especially considering it’s the base-model and has features often reserved for higher-spec versions like front fog lamps, colour-coded side mirrors and tinted rear security glass.

Continue reading “Subaru Legacy Sport CVT 2010 Review” »

Subaru Legacy ads

December 21st, 2009 by Darren Cottingham

Subaru Legacy with Robert De Niro

Subaru Legacy Concept

December 16th, 2009 by Darren Cottingham
Animated driving footage of the Subaru Legacy concept

Animated driving footage of the Subaru Legacy concept

How to swap a Subaru turbo

December 16th, 2009 by Darren Cottingham
Swapping a turbo in a 2007 Legacy GT project car. Includes some great tips for anyone doing this popular upgrade.

Swapping a turbo in a 2007 Legacy GT project car. Includes some great tips for anyone doing this popular upgrade.

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