Holden Sportwagon Series II SV6 2012 Review

September 7th, 2012 by Darren Cottingham

Holden does a good job of making a station wagon look mean. The flared arches flex above the 18-inch alloys. A front splitter with fog lights caps off the aggressive nose, and strong lines are arrow-straight down the flank to a smoothly contoured rear.

Being the SV6, the heart of this Holden is a 3-litre SIDI direct injection V6 (which will take E85 biofuel), though you can opt for a 3.6-litre vapour injection LPG V6. The transmission is a six-speed auto with Active Select which matches the revs on downshifts for a smoother braking experience. The gearbox is Continue reading “Holden Sportwagon Series II SV6 2012 Review” »

Holden Releases Special Edition Z-Series Range

September 5th, 2012 by Karen Joy Provo

Holden has announced details of a Special Edition “Z-Series” range that combines luxury and sport features with exceptional value for money.

The exciting “Z-Series” range is available on comfort and sports models across all VE body styles and is packed full of features, value and excitement.

Holden New Zealand Managing Director, Jeff Murray, is confident that the new Z-Series range is one of the best special editions offered by Holden.

“Z-Series is a range we think that Kiwi’s will be drawn to not only because of the feature packed options available but the Z-Series also looks great and shows Holden’s ongoing commitment to bring top quality cars to the market,” Murray said.

“There’s something in the Z-Series range for everyone whether you are looking for real sports performance, more comfort and luxury or just one of the best large car options in the market the Z-Series offers great value.

“For customers still in the market for a large family Sportwagon or a luxurious large car for home or business the Z-Series really does tick all the boxes.”
Vehicle line-up and specification are detailed below.

Commodore Z-Series (sedan and Sportwagon):

  • 18 inch alloy wheels – 4 (current Caprice wheel)
  • Front fog lamps with chrome surrounds on front fog lamps
  • Rear park assist
  • Rear view camera
  • Leather appointed seats
  • Leather wrap steering wheel
  • Chrome highlights in instrument cluster
  • Black bezel headlamps
  • ‘Z-Series’ carpet mats
  • Lip spoiler (sedan only)
  • Cargo blind (wagon only)
  • Chrome door frame opening (sedan only)
  • ‘Z-Series’ and ‘Commodore’ badges

SV6 (sedan / Sportwagon) and SS Z-Series (sedan):

  • 19 inch alloy wheels – 4 (LPG SV6 variants maintains current 18 inch alloy wheels-4)
  • Rear view camera
  • Rear park assist
  • Leather bolstered seats
  • ‘Z-Series’ carpet mats
  • ‘Z-Series’ badges
  • Chrome door frame opening (sedan only)

SV6 and SS Z-Series (Ute):

  • 19 inch alloy wheels – 4 (LPG SV6 variants maintains current 18 inch alloy wheels-4)
  • Leather bolstered seats
  • ‘Z-Series’ carpet mats
  • ‘Z-Series’ badges

SSV Z-Series (sedan, Sportwagon and Ute):

  • 19 inch forged alloy wheels – 4 (from Redline)
  • Front Brembo brakes
  • FE3 sports suspension
  • Sunroof (sedan only)
  • ‘Z-Series’ carpet mats
  • ‘Z-Series’ badges

Z-Series Pricing
The recommended retail price of the ‘Z-Series’ range will be:

Comfort Range:

  • Commodore Z-Series 3.0L V6 Sedan (petrol) Auto $49,990
  • Commodore Z-Series 3.6L V6 sedan (LPG) Auto* $53,490
  • Commodore Z-Series 3.0L V6 Sportwagon (petrol) Auto $52,390
  • Commodore Z-Series 3.6L V6 Sportwagon (LPG) Auto* $55,890

Sports Range:

  • Commodore 3.6L SV6 Z-Series Sedan (petrol) Auto $55,490
  • Commodore 3.6L SV6 Z-Series Sportwagon (petrol) Auto $57,890
  • Commodore 3.6L SV6 Z-Series Sedan (LPG) Auto* $58,990
  • Commodore 3.6L SV6 Z-Series Sportwagon (LPG) Auto* $61,390
  • Commodore 3.6L SV6 Z-Series Utility (petrol) Auto $49,000
  • Commodore 6.0L SS V8 Z-Series Utility (petrol) Auto $55,400
  • Commodore 6.0L SSV V8 Z-Series Sedan Auto $71,590
  • Commodore 6.0L SSV V8 Z-Series Sportwagon (petrol) Auto $74,290
  • Commodore 6.0L SSV V8 Z-Series Utility (petrol) Man / Auto $60,100

*Dealer/customer order only

Coinciding with the new packs, Holden will introduce a new colour to the VE and WM range. Inspired by the Holden Efijy show car, Alchemy is a new luxurious deep purple hue that will give Commodore stand-out style on the road. This colour replaces Mirage Glow.

Holden Cruze Recalled

June 28th, 2012 by Karen Joy Provo

In response to General Motors recall of certain Chevrolet Cruze models in North America, Holden New Zealand has announced it will initiate a precautionary vehicle safety recall on Australian-built MY12 and MY13 Cruze models fitted with a 1.4 litre petrol engine.

A condition has been identified where, in some instances, the lower air deflector also known as the belly pan, can catch oil that might drip from the engine if an oil change is not done properly. If oil makes contact with hot engine parts such as the exhaust manifold or catalytic converter, a thermal could occur.

There are no reported cases of engine compartment fires in New Zealand related to this condition.

General Manager Sales & Aftersales, Terry McEwan, said safety was Holden’s number one priority and it was initiating the recall as a precautionary measure.

“We take pride in Holden’s high standards and servicing procedures which we believe significantly reduce the risk of improper oil changes and eliminate the risk of a thermal incident,” Mr McEwan said.

“When it comes to initiating safety recalls and campaigns we will always err on the side of caution especially when it comes to customer wellbeing and safety.

“There have been no reported incidents in New Zealand however, we will take action to assure our customers their vehicles are safe.”

The recall affects approximately 629 Cruze vehicles in New Zealand.

Holden is contacting potentially impacted customers directly to arrange a free-of-charge rework which involves the modification of the lower air deflector under the engine. This will take approximately 40 minutes to complete.

If a customer has any questions regarding this safety related recall campaign, they can contact their Holden Dealer.

Holden Commodore Omega Series II 2012 Review

June 26th, 2012 by Darren Cottingham

Sales of large petrol sedans are under pressure with people moving to smaller vehicles and diesels. However, these petrol-powered cars still have their place in the fleet and for the family and the Commodore Omega Series II keeps the segment competitive with some improved fuel economy and an appealing feature set for under fifty grand.

The Omega sits in the comfort end of the Commodore range. You can expect easy cruising with a torquey 3-litre direct injection six-cylinder motor, a six-speed automatic gearbox and compliant tyres wrapped around 16-inch alloys. There’s nothing Continue reading “Holden Commodore Omega Series II 2012 Review” »

Holden Announces All New Colorado Pricing and Model Range

May 4th, 2012 by Karen Joy Provo

  • Next-gen Colorado priced from $38,400 – $61,900 RRP
  • New four-model line-up including range-topping LTZ
  • One-tonne payload across the range
  • 2.8-litre diesel powertrain provides class-leading towing capacity of 3.5-tonne

Holden has announced recommended retail pricing for the new-generation Colorado model range ahead of the light truck’s local launch in the second half of this year.

Holden Colorado will range from $38,400 for the DX 4×2 Single Cab, powered by a 2.5-litre turbo diesel engine with manual transmission, to $61,900 for the top-of-the-range 2.8 litre diesel LTZ Colorado 4×4 Crew Cab with automatic transmission.

The new high-riding Colorado will be sold in three body styles, Single Cab, Space Cab and the family-friendly Crew Cab, and in a selection of four models – DX, LX, LT and LTZ.

All Colorado models powered by the 132kW 2.8-litre diesel powertrain will benefit from a classleading towing capacity of 3.5-tonne, while the new 4×2 DX Single Cab featuring Holden’s 110kW 2.5-litre turbo diesel engine will have an impressive three-tonne towing

The Colorado workhorse will also boast a one-tonne payload across the range2 – regardless of powertrain – and will be available in 4×2 or 4×4 guise across all Single and Crew Cab models, while Space Cab will be 4×4 only.

Holden offers a six-speed automatic transmission as a $2,000 option on every model except the entry level DX cab chassis, which is available with a 5-speed manual transmission only.

Holden New Zealand Managing Director, Jeff Murray, said he was pleased to finally be able to announce Colorado model line-up and pricing for probably the most talked about vehicle in the last six months.

“Holden has had an incredible amount of interest in this new Colorado even before models and pricing were announced but this will help the discerning customer be able to pre-order with more confidence,” Murray said.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that this really is a great product and we along with our dealers are very keen to show off this new generation Colorado”.

“We’ve spent a lot of time ensuring we were able to provide an incredibly competitive Colorado package for our customers that includes great driving dynamics, impressive diesel performance and more than a one-tonne payload on every new model.

“Holden has had a significant input into the new Colorado which has been developed for the global market and has a suspension tune along with many accessories designed to suit our local conditions.

“There is a Colorado to suit every customer with four models to choose from and three different body styles in either 4×2 or 4×4.

“One of the most exciting aspects of the new Colorado is that the new 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine provides a mighty 3.5-tonne towing capacity, now that’s some towing power.

The 2012 Holden Colorado will be packed with lifestyle and comfort features including Bluetooth® connectivity, power windows, two auxiliary power outlets, auxiliary input, USB port and iPod® compatible audio system.

Colorado will also have a comprehensive array of safety features with Electronic Stability Control, ABS, driver and front passenger airbags and side curtain airbags standard across the range.

Holden will release a full list of specifications and features for the new Colorado range closer to its mid-year launch.

In the meantime, customers can preview and register their interest at: www.holden.co.nz

Revealed: First Look At Holden’s New Colorado 7

March 24th, 2012 by Karen Joy Provo

The first images of Holden’s tough new off-roader – the Colorado 7 4WD SUV – in its Chevrolet guise have been released ahead of the global reveal of the production vehicle at the Bangkok International Motor Show in Thailand.

The all-new seven-seater Holden Colorado 7, based on the Chevrolet Trailblazer, will be the first heavy-duty 4WD SUV to wear a Holden badge in almost a decade.

The Holden Colorado 7 shares its architecture and underpinnings with the new-generation Colorado Light Commercial Vehicle, which arrives in New Zealand mid-year.

Holden New Zealand Managing Director, Jeff Murray said SUV’s are continuing to grow stronger in New Zealand and so there will be huge interest in the Colorado 7 by the time it is launch at the end of 2012.

“Kiwi’s love their SUV’s and this is reflected in the ever increasing popularity of the Series II Captiva range,” Murray said.

“Colorado 7 is yet another Holden SUV that ticks all the boxes for some customers, it provides great rugged off-road performance, flexibility, clever interior storage, seven seats and that all important lifestyle option.

“The Colorado 7 was designed to deliver everything you might expect from a tough 4WD, including an incredibly competitive 3-tonne towing capacity and coil-sprung five-link rear suspension allowing it to compliment Holden’s already impressive SUV line-up.

“Its refined driving characteristics and serious 4WD credentials make the Colorado 7 at home on the farm or in the suburbs around New Zealand.”

The Trailblazer will feature on the Chevrolet stand at the Bangkok International Motor Show from 28 March.

Holden will release official Colorado 7 product information, specification and pricing details closer to launch.


Holden Barina Sedan 2012 Review

February 29th, 2012 by Darren Cottingham

We reviewed the hatchback Barina back in December, so what’s the big deal with the new sedan version? Well, the big deal is the voluminous boot. It’s large enough for you to take up a career as a mafia hitman and not bother driving to the woods between targets. In fact, at a whopping 502 litres, it’s bigger than a Commodore’s boot by six litres.

Despite its new-found booty, it’s manoeuvrable, and easy to judge the corners. I had a gig at Cornwall Park on a very sunny day and I managed to park the Barina in a space 12 inches longer than the car (if that), even without parking sensors. The omission of parking sensors is annoying, though. All cars should have them these days.

Quite often when you take a hatchback and stick on a boot the result looks like you’ve taken the cutest little Maltese cross and strapped a beer fridge to its backside. This isn’t the case with the Barina. Aside from looking a little blunt at the front end, the lines work really well, with the rear window segueing nicely into the boot lid. The strong crease in the flank and the line across the boot combine with the stubby nose to give a sense of forward motion when standing still. The naked headlights give the Barina a styling edge and the whole aura of the car has gone from a definitely Continue reading “Holden Barina Sedan 2012 Review” »

Production Commences on All-New Dedicated LPG Commodore

February 29th, 2012 by Karen Joy Provo

Production commenced yesterday on the all-new dedicated LPG Commodore at Holden’s Vehicle Operations in Elizabeth, South Australia.

The new LPG system will be available in models across Commodore variants for New Zealand customers including Sedan, Sportwagon and Caprice.

Plant Launch Operations Manager, Tony Sylvester said the introduction of the new LPG Commodore to the plant required a number of operational and technical enhancements that were integrated into the build process to accommodate the new model and technology.

“A number of changes across the site were made with the introduction of this model including unique body panels, changes to the facia assemblies moulded in our Plastics operations and a completely new fuel system put into place in General Assembly,” he said.

Previously the LPG fitment of the dual fuel vehicles was completed off line however, the introduction of the dedicated LPG system now required the capability to fuel vehicles with LPG during the build process to enable the car to be driven off the end of the line.

Holden has taken an innovative approach to overcome the cost and complexity of adding an additional fuel line into the plant. Holden Engineers have worked with the tank supplier to come up with the solution of providing pre-fuelled tanks which are then installed as part of the build process on the Chassis Line.

“By having the LPG tanks pre-fuelled when supplied has eliminated the need to install an LPG fuel line in the plant resulting in reduced costs for the program, increased productivity and has ensured that the introduction of the new model into the plant is smooth as possible,” Mr Sylvester said.

Holden’s Ecoline was launched in 2008 in order to create better fuel efficiencies for today and next generation fuel advances for tomorrow that are not only better for the environment and affordable for the typical family but also to provide greater options from the Holden brand.

Four years later, Holden’s philosophy has not changed and the all-new dedicated LPG system perfectly epitomises the future-friendly strategy.

The dedicated LPG fuel system joins the line-up of Ecoline badged models currently produced at the Elizabeth plant that includes E85 capability across all Commodore and Caprice models, Spark Ignition Direct Injection (SIDI) on V6 models, Active Fuel Management (AFM) on automatic V8 models and a 2.0-litre diesel offering for the Cruze sedan and hatch.

“Whether it is performance, economy or size as the main driver for the customer’s purchase we have the flexibility and skill at our South Australian facility to build a variety of combinations to meet their needs,” Mr Sylvester said.

New Zealand technology company, Propane Performance Industries, has been working closely with Holden over the past two years to prepare for the launch of LPG Commodore and CEO Andrew Rodwell said it has been an exciting time.

“We have developed a great working relationship with Holden and we feel proud to have been a part of this incredible innovation and being able to provide our services to such an iconic car company,” Mr Rodwell said.

The introduction of the dedicated LPG Commodore is the latest model launch for Holden Vehicle Operations that in the last 12 months has seen the launch of the locally made Cruze sedan and hatch line-up, model year enhancements to the Commodore and the introduction of the Chevrolet Police car program.

The all-new dedicated LPG range will be available in dealerships from next month.

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