Citroen: 2014 C4 Picasso review

January 9th, 2015 by Darren Cottingham

Named after a man who took pushed the boundaries of design, the C4 Picasso follows suit with some bold exterior styling and some features drawn in the wrong place on the inside. Let’s deal with the exterior first: the LED-adorned face is as instantly recognisable and striking as any I’ve seen. There’s no doubting you’re in a Citroen. The double-stack of headlights doesn’t quite work for me from some angles – there’s a mismatch in the lines – but it is bold enough to match the deeply contoured body sides, chrome window inserts and angular 17-inch alloys, and the overall effect is one that grows on you. Continue reading “Citroen: 2014 C4 Picasso review” »

Citroen: 2014 C4 Grand Picasso HDi Intensive review

May 30th, 2014 by Richard Edwards

DSC_0020While driving up the ‘fun’ section of State Highway 29 in Citroen’s new C4 Grand Picasso, it was reinforced to me that kiwi buyers should be considering options other than a Sports Utility Vehicle for their family carrying needs. Continue reading “Citroen: 2014 C4 Grand Picasso HDi Intensive review” »

Citroën at work on 2CV replacement – the 3CV

November 4th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Fiat pulled it off with its new 500/Bambina, and VW did the same with the Beetle so Citroën is looking seriously at jumping on the retro-sytle bandwagon and bringing back its 2CV.

According to recent reports the French carmaker is making plans to design and develop a modern version of the iconic 2CV. It isn’t expected until 2013 at the earliest and at this stage it is a top secret project. What is known is that the 3CV will inherit the spirit of its ancestor and offer plenty of space and a comfortable ride.

If the 3CV goes ahead it will likely be built on the same PF1 platform that supports the Peugeot 207 and Citroëns DS3 and C3. But it will be smaller than the C3.

More will be revealed next year.

Pay Attention, It’s Time For A French Lesson

October 22nd, 2011 by Tim Grimley

The more – and almost certainly even the less – observant amongst you will have noticed that over the last few weeks there have been more than a few tenuous links made between rugby and motoring in this column. And as the biggest match in New Zealand rugby since 1987 is being played out in Auckland’s own theatre of dreams this weekend, it would be all too easy to find one more pretty loose tie-in between the unlikely bedfellows that are egg chasing and motoring.

And so, therefore, I will.

But rather than dwelling too heavily on the sport itself, my focus is rather more on one of the participants in Sunday night’s encounter – the French. As a previous inhabitant of the Northern shores of La Manche, I learned a long time ago that the only thing that could be expected from the French with any degree of certainty is the unexpected.

Ooh la la! Beauty........

Nowhere is this more certain than in the motoring world, where no-one could ever be sure if their next release was going to be a work of beauty, genius, madness or just plain badness. Sometimes, as was the case with the massively opinion polarising 2CV, they managed to do all four at once. Just for the sheer hell of it I suspect.
This is the nation that can give the Citroen DS with one hand – a vehicle of such unquestionable beauty that it makes you wonder why all cars cannot be styled in such a way – and then take it all back again with a monstrosity like the Renault Fuego with the other. But just to keep a sense of mystery, excitement and intrigue in the relationship, every so often they throw you a Peugeot 205 GTi. Followed rather quickly by a Renault Safrane.

Yet for all their little highs and lows, if you ever needed the ultimate proof that our garlic obsessed cousins are capable of crushing the world when it is least expected, look no further than the Bugatti Veyron. Yes, it sounds Italian and yes, a lot of the bits come from parent company VW, but hailing as it does from Molsheim in the Alsace, the Bugatti is every bit as French as impassive shrugging and baguettes. With its roots back in 2005, when the Gallic automotive output was typified by the blandest Peugeots in living memory, the Veyron was a stark reminder that when the Frenchies put their minds to it, they can not only take on the world, but simply blow it away with their effortless style. Continue reading “Pay Attention, It’s Time For A French Lesson” »

Citroën to expand DS range with new models

October 18th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Citroën has been a busy carmaker in recent years, particularly with its new DS range of vehicles. The DS nameplate was dormant for many year but now it covers a lineup of three models the DS3, DS4 and DS5. Citroën isn’t planing on slowing down with its DS development and has some new plans in the pipeline.

Perhaps the most exciting area of development involves Citroën’s DS3 Racing. The easy-to-spot hot hatch, with its turbocharged four-cylinder engine and striking colour scheme, was initially planned as a limited edition of 1,000 vehicles. But it proved a hot-selling hot hatch and demand across Europe meant production was increased to 2,400. Now, reports are suggesting that a new version of the popular hatch could already be in development.

Citroën is also experiencing a strong period of demand in China and is looking at expanding its range with a larger version of the DS5. There are also rumours that a production version of the Metropolis concept (pictured) could be built. Continue reading “Citroën to expand DS range with new models” »

Citroën reveals Tribek concept – shagging wagon of the future

September 5th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Keen bumper sticker readers would have surely seen the classic “If the wagons rocking don’t come a knocking” label affixed to the occasional van. Now Citroen has brought the shagging wagon into the 21st century with its latest show car concept. The French carmaker has just revealed official images of its new concept van named the Tubik which is set for an official debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

The French have done more for romance than just invent pashing a.k.a French kissing, they also came up with two of the first shagging wagons – the 1939 Tub van and its replacement, the 1948 Type H that was produced up until the beginning of the 1980s. The Tubik concept pays homage to these historic machines and adds a range of modern conveniences.

The Tubik isn’t just about the horizontal action and can serve as both a commercial van and a people carrier with very usable dimensions; 4.8 metres long, 2.08m wide and 2.05m tall. The space age carrier can seat up to nine passengers in three lounge-style seats, with the driver operating in a separated compartment. As for windows – who really needs them? Continue reading “Citroën reveals Tribek concept – shagging wagon of the future” »

Citroen shows off new DS5 hatch in Shanghai

April 19th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Citroen has given the motoring world its first look at the much anticipated DS5 with its official launch at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The changes from the standard C5 on which the DS5 is based, are substantial. The new model comes with a crossover styled body, dual exhausts and modern LED lights.

The DS5 is a five-door hatchback, with a coupe-like sloping roofline and raised driving position. It’s measurements are 4.52 m long and 1.85 m wide – still fairly compact dimensions but firmly within the mid-sized segment the DS5 will compete in.

But the crossover/coupe body style will separate the DS5 from many competitors in the mid-size segment making its design a key factor in potential success.

In terms of power the DS5 that will debut at the Auto Shanghai comes with the PSA Group’s HYbrid4 technology which featuring a 120 kW 2.0 litre diesel engine matched to a 27 kW electric motor turning the rear wheels. Continue reading “Citroen shows off new DS5 hatch in Shanghai” »

Chicks dig BMW 5-Series and Citroen DS3 – it’s official

April 15th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

Many men spend time wondering what exactly is the best car to own if you want to impress the ladies. A Kermit green Series 2 Mazda RX-7 may have done the trick twenty five years ago, but in 2011 women are more impressed by style, economy and practicality. So if you want to win some points pick up your date in a BMW 5-Series or a Citroen DS3.

Because us men were never going to uncover these important results ourselves a crack team of woman motoring writers from around the globe recently held the annual Women’s World Car of the Year for 2011. The voting finished so close that the supreme award produced a dead heat between the BMW 5 Series and the Citroen DS3. So gents, if you’re on a budget go for French style in the DS3, if your cashed-up, then spring for the current 5-Series BMW and don’t cheapen out of the leather trim.

Category winners and runners up in the competition included:

Family Car Winner  – Volvo S60
Runner up – Kia Sportage

Sports Car Winner – Aston Martin Rapide
Runner up – Audi TT

Luxury Car Winner - BMW 5 Series
Runner up – Jaguar XJ

Economical Car Winner - Citroen DS3
Runner up – Mini One Diesel Continue reading “Chicks dig BMW 5-Series and Citroen DS3 – it’s official” »

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