Audi releases details on A1 e-tron Concept

March 3rd, 2010 by Darren Cottingham

Luxury German brand Audi has just unveiled the latest edition to its all-electric e-tron range of concept vehicles, this new machine is the A1 e-tron, and it’s arrived with a few suprises.

Like the first e-tron concept based on Audi’s R8 platform, the A1 e-tron is powered by an electric motor producing 45kW and offering a driving range of around 50km in city traffic. That’s just not enough power so when more grunt is needed, the electric motor can generate up to 75kW in short bursts. This allows the A1 e-tron a lazy 0-100km/h time of around 10 seconds.

The A1 e-tron’s electric motor draws power from a lithium ion battery pack with a capacity of 12kWh, major weight-saving has gone into this area and the pack weighs a mere 150kg.

The big news is the inclusion of a standard combustion engine to kick in when the electric motor’s battery energy is depleted. But it’s the choice of engine that’s interesting, Audi will use a range-extending single-rotor 254cc Wankel engine and an electric generator that works to recharge the battery, boosting the A1 e-tron’s driving range by an additional 200km. The Rotary engine will weigh just 70kg including the intake, exhaust and subframe. The strengths of using the rotary engine come with low-vibrations, quiet operation, and small size.

Although it’s currently difficult to measure the true economy of extended-range vehicles the A1 e-tron apparently offers a fuel consumption figure of 1.9 l/100km.

2011 Audi RS5 revealed with 331kW V8 engine

February 23rd, 2010 by Darren Cottingham

Following a recent media leak, Audi has now released official specifications on its new RS5.

Audi’s newest RS vehicle will be again powered by a 4.2-litre V8 with output increased to 331 kW and 430 Nm of torque. The eight-cylinder will remain naturally aspirated and will be connected to a seven-speed S tronic transmission allowing the 1,725 kilogram coupe to accelerate to 100 kph in just 4.6 seconds, before topping out at an electronically limited 250 kph. For those with a death wish, Audi can remove the speed limiter to enable the car to hit 280 kph. Fuel economy is equally impressive with the RS5 only consuming 10.8 liters of petrol per 100 km.

To further the car’s handling abilities, Audi has installed a new crown-gear center differential. The self-locking crown-gear will vary the torque distribution between the front and rear axles. If necessary, it can transfer up to 70 percent to the front or as much as 85 percent toward the rear. When extra traction isn’t required, the unit has a standard 40:60 rear-biased split.

Other performance tweaks include a revised braking system with a ceramic carbon-fiber brake package an available option, a modified electronic stabilisation program which can be disengaged, and a recalibrated speed-dependent servotronic steering system.

In the looks department, the RS5 features an aggressive body kit, a 20mm lower ride height over the standard A5 and 19-inch five-spoke alloy wheels. Other aesthetic highlights include twin oval exhaust pipes feeding out of the rear bumper and a rear spoiler which automatically extends at 120 kph and retracts again at 80 kph.

Cabin appointments include leather/Alcantara sports seats, a sport steering wheel, carbon fibre trim and piano black and aluminum accents.

The RS5 is due to go on sale in Germany mid-year, with global sales starting soon after.

Ultimate Play Date – Testing Five Exotic Supercars

February 18th, 2010 by Darren Cottingham

Testing Five Exotic Supercars

Audi celebrates 30 years of Quattro

February 17th, 2010 by Darren Cottingham

Audi is celebrating another two major milestones this year, just one year after its big 100th birthday celebrations. The first milestone is the 30th birthday of quattro, a name that humbled Audi’s rally rivals when it was first unleshed. Several events are lined up to commemorate and pay tribute to the quattro brand. These include a special exhibition at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt and another exhibition of four Audi quattro models of outstanding interest at the Techno Classica in Essen which starts on April 7.

The company will also be putting on a epic display at the Grand Prix Historique in Monaco between May 1 and 2. There spectators will be able to see an Auto Union Type C from 1936 and an Auto Union Type D with a twin-supercharger engine from 1939. Other celebratory events include participation at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July and taking part in various classic rallies.

Audi’s second reason to celebrate is the 125th anniversary of the Wanderer brand. Wanderer made cars and motor cycles until the start of WWII and is represented in one of the four rings on the famous Audi badge along with Audi itself, Horch and DKW.

Pogea Racing tunes Audi TT RS

February 9th, 2010 by Darren Cottingham

The already long list of tuning firms fighting to put some serious horsepower into the Audi TT RS just keeps growing.

The latest entrant is Pogea Racing from the town of Markdorf in the south of Germany. Pogea has set up a two-stage tuning program to suit different pockets and appetites.

At the lower end, is a 274kW (367hp) model with 519Nm of torque. The higher model sports 313kW (420hp) of power and 600Nm of torque. The factory TT RS already kicks out 250kW (335hp) and 450Nm.

Some of the changes made to achieve these impressive figures include two complete exhaust systems with double-flap control and sport catalytic converters.

The Pogea Racing TT RS modification package starts from €1,099.

Heffner Performance twin-turbo Audi R8

December 21st, 2009 by Darren Cottingham

It’s just a teaser. Take a look at the pipework, and listen to the demon of a noise it makes

Audi R8 Funny Commercial – “The Hostage”

December 20th, 2009 by Darren Cottingham

A funny Audi R8 commercial from December 2008. Directed by Anders Wils

Audi R8 – “Dream Car”

December 20th, 2009 by Darren Cottingham

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