Honda Civic celebrates 39 years and 19 million vehicles (+video)

July 15th, 2011 by Darren Cottingham

The Honda Civic has at some time been a part of most our lives, whether we owned one or rode shotgun with friends or family. We all have some sort of Civic story. Honda is preparing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its most famous model, next year, but before then it has released a video titled “Heritage” that looks back at this automotive icon.

The video features a soundtrack from British house music trio Dirty Vegas and provides a glimpse at the history of this model. Since it debuted in 1973 more than 19 million Civics have been sold, it’s no wonder everyone has a Honda Civic story.

Check out the video below. Continue reading “Honda Civic celebrates 39 years and 19 million vehicles (+video)” »

Range Rover turns 40 years old (+video)

June 4th, 2010 by Darren Cottingham

Seeing a luxury SUV in NZ is now a daily occurrence but back in 1970 there was only one vehicle that really belonged in this segment – the Range Rover. It’s easy to forget the ground-breaking significance the Rangie has had on the history of motoring, but on June 17, 2010 it will celebrate its 40th birthday.

The Range Rover was the world’s first vehicle to be both good on-road and off-road. The Range Rover was the first fully capable luxury 4×4 and was a milestone in the development of the SUV.

There have been three generations of Range Rover. The original, now known as the Classic, went on sale in 1970 and continued in production, with numerous upgrades and a multiplicity of variants, for just over 25 years.

The second-generation vehicle went on sale in 1994 and was replaced in 2001 by the current model. The continuing success of the Range Rover ensured that other premium makers jumped into the booming luxury SUV market. The latest version has enjoyed higher annual sales than any previous models and continues to be popular around the world. Sold around the world, from London to Los Angeles, Sydney to Shanghai, Turin to Tokyo, the Range Rover remains a solid choice for the luxury SUV customer.

A second model line, the Range Rover Sport, was launched in 2005, aimed at more sports-oriented driver-focused customers. It has been a great success, and in 2007 was Land Rover’s biggest selling vehicle worldwide.

Later this year, a further member of the Range Rover family will be added, taking the portfolio to three model lines. The new vehicle will be smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient, yet it will be no less premium and no less luxurious than other Range Rover models.

To celebrate the milestone Land Rover has released images and a short video showing all three generations of the luxury 4×4. Check them out below. Continue reading “Range Rover turns 40 years old (+video)” »

Citroen SM celebrates 40th Anniversary

March 15th, 2010 by Darren Cottingham

Citroën’s high performance coupe, the SM, is currently celebrating its 40th birthday.

The luxury sports tourer, an alliance between Citroën and Maserati, was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on 11th March 1970 – 40 years ago.

Technically innovative, with a dynamic, yet supremely comfortable ride experience, the Citroën SM was highly regarded for its futuristic styling, prestigious quality, ‘magic-carpet’ suspension and outstanding performance – a unique combination of characteristics not available in any other car at the time.

Officially recognised as a truly exceptional vehicle in the early 1970’s, the SM placed third in the European Car of the Year Awards in 1971 – the winner was Citroën’s GS.  The SM also received the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award in the US in 1972.

Powered by a Maserati V6 engine, the SM was one of the fastest front-wheel drive cars of its day, with a top speed in excess of 220km/h (137mph).  A competitive performer in motorsport, the SM won its first race at the Morocco Rally in 1971.

Pioneering innovative technology, the SM introduced a new type of variable assist power-steering, which made it easier to manoeuvre at lower speeds and provided greater resistance at higher speeds for improved control and handling.

The car also featured hydro-pneumatic suspension with automatic height correction and six headlamps with automatic levelling.  Four power-assisted disc brakes, with independent front and rear circuits, automatically adjusted brake power according to vehicle load and weight distribution.

Renowned SM owners have included U.S. comedian Jay Leno (who owns one of almost everything), Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, author Graham Greene and actor Lee Majors.  French Presidents from Georges Pompidou to

Jacques Chirac used two specially modified 4-door convertible ‘presidentielle’ models, created by coach builder Henri Chapron.

Click on the link below to see more images of the Citroen SM.

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