News: Japanese and Korean cars most reliable; Skoda buyers most satisfied

The top ten vehicles by satisfaction (Source: Consumer NZ)

The top ten vehicles by satisfaction (Source: Consumer NZ)

Consumer NZ has issued the results of a car reliability survey – finding Japanese and Korean vehicles the most reliable – but buyers of Czech-built Skoda’s are the most satisfied.

Of those who owned the vehicles, 95% say they would buy the Volkswagen-owned brand again.

But it is Asian vehicles that appear to be the ones that let their owners down the least – the most reliable models from this survey were the Honda Civic, CRV and Jazz; Hyundai i30; Kia Rio; Mazda2 and 3; Mitsubishi ASX and Lancer; Nissan Tiida, Suzuki Swift, and the Toyota Corolla, Prius and Yaris. Continue reading “Japanese and Korean cars most reliable; Skoda buyers most satisfied” »

News: Former media pair come together for dealer video

Armstrong Motor Group’s newest marketing manager is putting his experience in the media to good use – launching a video blog that appears to be one of the closest things New Zealand currently has to a motoring show.

Former motoring writer Steve Vermuelen came up with the idea of a video blog for the Armstrong Motor Group, and has produced it with his former Top Gear New Zealand editor, now contract communications provider, Cameron Officer.

The episodes, two so far, are near the length of a half hour tv show, and discuss motoring news and road test vehicles sold by the group. Filming so far has been held in Fiat Chrysler New Zealand’s Mount Wellington warehouse, as well as out on the road. Continue reading “Former media pair come together for dealer video” »

Ford: Ford: EcoSport Titanium 2014 review

Ford EcoSport Titanium 2014 front quarter

When I was in my teens in the late ‘80s our 80-year old neighbour, Mrs Moss, had kept her 1950s Morris Minor because she didn’t like all these new cars that were too low for her to get in and out of. Her aging hips wanted a seat she could slide across into rather than fall into. It was the second thing that this Ford EcoSport reminded me of; the first thing was Tweetie Pie, the yellow bird, from the cartoons of the 1940s and ‘50s. Continue reading “Ford: EcoSport Titanium 2014 review” »

Honda: Honda: 2014 Jazz RS Sport review

2014 Jazz RS Sport 3:4 front

You know the advertising campaign for a new Honda model works when you wake up in the dead of night having just dreamed about that particular car.

In the case of the new Honda Jazz range it seems to be advertised in every newspaper, magazine and billboard, plus every man and his dog also seems to be reviewing it including us. With the appearance of a stylish shoebox many light car punters would discount the all-new Jazz before taking one out for a test drive, which is a a big mistake from where we sit. Continue reading “Honda: 2014 Jazz RS Sport review” »

News: Holden commits to one third Euro lineup


Holden has announced plans to have over a third of its lineup sourced from General Motor’s European Opel division.

Executive vice president and president of GM Europe, Karl-Thomas Neumann, made the announcement at the opening of the Paris Auto Show.

“I’m very excited about the role our great products will play in the resurgence of the Holden brand, by being able to provide more than one-third of Holden’s future product line-up,” Neumann says. Continue reading “Holden commits to one third Euro lineup” »

Ford: Ford: 2014 Mondeo Titanium EcoBoost hatchback review

Ford Mondeo Titanium Ecoboost 2014 front quarter

It was 2008: the start of the global financial crisis, petrol hit US$100 per barrel and General Motors reported a record US$38.7 billion loss but arch rival Ford provided me with my first Mondeo experience. Since then, the Mondeo seems to have changed about as much as the attitude of the major banks: not very much. Continue reading “Ford: 2014 Mondeo Titanium EcoBoost hatchback review” »

News: Maserati to top 35,000 cars in 2014


Maserati expects to sell more than 35,000 cars this year and reach its 50,000 sales target in 2015, subject to the availability of a new sport utility vehicle (SUV) to be launched late next year, the head of the brand tells Reuters.

For the end of the year Maserati will be significantly beyond 35,000, but not beyond 40,000 units. Maserati sold 15,400 vehicles in 2013.

Wester said the brand was still on track to launch the much awaited Maserati Levante SUV by the end of next year. It plans to build at least 25,000 of the Levante per year from 2016. Continue reading “Maserati to top 35,000 cars in 2014” »

News: TT wins Innovation of the Year


In the international design competition for automotive brands, the new Audi TT has been crowned: ‘Innovation of the Year’.

The matrix LED headlights in the Audi A8 have also won the title of ‘Best of the Best’.

“With the new generation TT, we are making technology even more tangible for the driver – just as you would expect in a genuine sports car,” says Audi technical development management board member Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenburg. Continue reading “TT wins Innovation of the Year” »