Mazda: Mazda: 2015 Mazda6 Skyactiv-D Limited wagon

2015 Mazda6 Skyactiv D front 3:4

Disclaimer: Writer is predisposed to cars painted in metallic silver, as well driving diesel engines, and is particularly fond of station wagons or SUVs.

Despite their best efforts, there is always a distinctive clatter to a diesel engine when starting up and idling and the new Mazda6 Skyactiv-D is no exception, but it is still one of the most refined units you’ll come across in the mid-size mass market. Continue reading “Mazda: 2015 Mazda6 Skyactiv-D Limited wagon” »

News: Look out for new Police bikes

police_bike_7xxPolice in Auckland City and the Waitemata district are taking delivery of five new Honda motorcycles bearing the message ‘look for bikes’ emblazoned in red on both panniers of each unit.

Another four motorcycles wearing the new livery are destined for Wellington, and one is for Canterbury.

The Police fleet contains 27 motorcycles, with 16 based in Auckland which are predominantly used in road policing. The bikes have an advantage over patrol cars in getting through heavy traffic and in enforcement around intersections, as they are easy to park without obstructing traffic flow says Police. Continue reading “Look out for new Police bikes” »

News: Volvo’s unique take on opening a new showroom

DSC_0023xxInstead of the traditional cutting of the ceremonial ribbon to open its new showroom in Greenlane, Volvo-dealer Archibald and Shorter Roverland employed an XC-70 wagon to pull a large velcro-ed ribbon off the entrance way of its newly-built premises.

The building was officially opened by Volvo senior vice president Alain Visser, who arrived in New Zealand three hours before the event commenced. Visser was on his way to Auckland to meet up with the Volvo Ocean Race series and work on the new showroom was completed just in time for his arrival.

According to Archibald and Shorter Roverland chief executive officer Richard Holden, the decision was made two years ago to open a purpose-built showroom for the Volvo brand and one which was fully up to date with the Swedish brands new corporate identity. Continue reading “Volvo’s unique take on opening a new showroom” »

Audi: Audi: 2015 TT Coupe S Line review

Audi TT 2015 front quarter

When I did judo as a kid we were taught techniques after being thrown that would make it difficult for your opponent to turn you onto your back to avoid osaekomi waza, or pinning techniques. You made yourself low and wide to hug the mat, and adjusted your bodyweight to stay flat. This is what the Audi TT feels like to drive. It feels as if you wouldn’t be able to turn it over to expose the soft underbelly. Around the corners its grappling technique with the tarmac is black belt, sports car quality. Continue reading “Audi: 2015 TT Coupe S Line review” »

Humour: Toyota lifts its leg

This Toyota Germany advertisement from last year hit our office inbox and had everyone here laughing.

What do you think of this cheeky video? Continue reading “Toyota lifts its leg” »

News: Another added-value Mercedes-Benz arrives


Mercedes-Benz passenger cars have announced the arrival of another added-value limited edition of the E-Class which it has called the ‘Night Edition’.

A limited number of E-Class ‘Night Edition’ models are now available to order for customers in New Zealand through the authorised dealer network.

Enhancing the ‘vision package’, the new ‘Night Edition’ incorporates the AMG sport plus package as well as a host of extra equipment, and will be available for the E-Class Sedan, Coupé and Cabriolet models. Continue reading “Another added-value Mercedes-Benz arrives” »

News: Team Golf wins BMW ultimate driving challenge

150310_BMW-WEB_Team-Rugby,-Cricket-and-GoxxA number of sporting celebrities competing in the BMW New Zealand Open participated in a different sort of challenge – driving a fleet of BMW models as part of a series of skill tests at Highlands Motorsport Park.

The rugby, cricket and golf representatives, were put through their paces by BMW Driving Experience instructor, Mike Eady.

The competitors included, golfers Mike Hendry and Steve Williams, former All Blacks Andrew Mehrtens and Justin Marshall, cricketer Mark Richardson plus dual rugby and cricket international, Jeff Wilson. Continue reading “Team Golf wins BMW ultimate driving challenge” »

News: Daimler AG wins recognition from Women’s world car of the year


The Mercedes-Benz S-Class won both the luxury car segment in Women’s World Car of the Year and achieved the overall Supreme Award for 2014 and judges on the panel of the international awards this week presented certificates of recognition to Daimler AG at the Geneva Motor Show.

Ola Källenius, Member of the board of management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz cars, marketing and sales accepted the award.

Källenius has held a number of executive positions and has been Chairman of the Mercedes-AMG GmbH from 2010 to 2013. He joined the former Daimler-Benz AG in 1993. Continue reading “Daimler AG wins recognition from Women’s world car of the year” »