NQN: No need to yell at the kids in the back seat


Toyota USA have solved the age old problem of parents having to discipline their children on the move by raising their voice.

The feature is called “Driver Easy Speak” and it is an option in the latest 2015 Toyota Sienna MPV. It uses a built-in microphone to amplify a parent’s voice through speakers in the back seats according to the Associated Press (AP).

Toyota says it added Easy Speak “so parents don’t have to shout to passengers in the back.” But the chances are many parents will yell into the microphone, according to AP. Continue reading “No need to yell at the kids in the back seat” »

News: Form meets function

Awning-lamp-plus-bracketWith an ultra slim profile of only 11mm, a heavy duty Grilamid lens and low power consumption of less than 3W, Hella says its new, fully sealed LED awning lamp is ideal for interior and exterior use.

It comes complete with charcoal as well as white end caps and can be accessorised with a matching 45° mounting bracket to angle the beam further says Hella.

Hella says this new low profile LED awning lamp is a lighting solution which will find many applications. The Swiss made Grilamid lens is resistant to shock, long term UV-exposure and commonly used chemicals and washes. Continue reading “Form meets function” »

Road Tests / Car Reviews: Toyota: 2014 Corolla GX and ZR sedan review

Corolla sedan ZR front shot by cyclists

Buying a Corolla is a bit like buying Cadbury’s chocolate: it’s not flash, but it’s dependable. And you know that it’s going to make you fat if use it too much. It achieves its purpose with a minimum of fuss and with the knowledge you paid a fair price.

While the GX is milk chocolate (a little plain, but fills the gap nevertheless), the ZR is a dark, minty block with a slightly silkier texture. It’s still not the kind of chilli and kaffir leaf-infused chocolate that you’d buy in an upmarket boutique, but it does come with a fancier wrapper and more cocoa solids.

Buying a car often comes down to taste: it’s a rocky road to try to please everyone. So if you’re going to remove the wrapper on one of these Corollas, which one is it going to be? Continue reading “Toyota: 2014 Corolla GX and ZR sedan review” »

Jaguar: September debut for Jaguar XE


Jaguar will unveil the latest addition to its sports saloon car family, the Jaguar XE, in London on September 8th.

The new Jaguar XE will come with a world-first all surface progress control (ASPC) system ensuring rear-wheel drive traction from standstill in any conditions.

Jaguar says ASPC can electronically gain traction with far less drama than a human driver can achieve. The system works like a low-speed cruise control to deliver optimum traction in the most slippery conditions without skidding and without the driver using the pedals. Continue reading “September debut for Jaguar XE” »

Mercedes-Benz: August arrival for new C-Class

C-Class, W205, Catalogue, 2014-03

Mercedes-Benz New Zealand Ltd has announced pricing and specification for the all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class (model designation W 205) which will be available from dealerships on August 23rd.

The new C-Class sedan will initially be launched with five variants into the New Zealand market boasting equipment tailored directly to core customer’s desire.

The C 200 (petrol) is not only the most popular C-Class model, but the most popular model of the entire Mercedes-Benz range. The new model in New Zealand receives equipment and performance enhancements to meet customer desires. Continue reading “August arrival for new C-Class” »

Ford: Ford: 2014 Ford Transit Cargo review


The new Ford Transit Cargo is now a global product which heads up the Transit family of commercial vehicles which are marketed across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

In New Zealand, Ford has introduced three versions of the Transit Cargo, the 350L long wheelbase van at $60,490 (high roof an additional $3200), the 350E LWB high roof Jumbo at $70,420, and the 470E long wheelbase high roof Jumbo at $71,640. Continue reading “Ford: 2014 Ford Transit Cargo review” »

Road Tests / Car Reviews: Toyota: 2014 Hiace ZX automatic review


Earlier this year Toyota announced a series of cosmetic interior and exteriors updates for the 2014 Hiace range as well as a mildly retuned suspension package for better road comfort and handling.

So we decided it was time to review one of the most popular vans on New Zealand roads.

Delivery vans are mobile offices, and more than ever they need to be as well-equipped as a passenger car, if not better, and they also need to be more car-like to drive, given that the working day has gotten longer and more and more hours are spent behind the steering wheel. Continue reading “Toyota: 2014 Hiace ZX automatic review” »

News: October dealer debut for Lexus NX


The premium compact Lexus NX SUV will grace New Zealand dealerships from October according to the local distributor.

Lexus says the NX SUV combines bold exterior design details and a luxurious, technologically advanced interior.

It also says the NX features bespoke styling cues designed to ensure all seven models will stand out from the crowd. Continue reading “October dealer debut for Lexus NX” »