News: Bentley pushes forward new Continental GT development

Bentley Continental GT

While many automakers are busy cutting back their development programs in hopes of streamlining to weather-out the difficult economic climate, Bentley is taking the opposite approach. Rather than cease developing new vehicles, they’re actually pushing to move things ahead on their schedule.

According to recent reports, the logic is based on the optimistic projection that the global economy is on the road to recovery, and Bentley wants to be there when its uber wealthy clientele has more cash on hand to splurge on new six-figure luxury cars. While the replacement for the range-topping Arnage is expected to continue unchanged, the successor to the Continental range is being moved forward, as confirmed by Crewe’s own sales and marketing chief Stuart McCullough.

So previously the next Continental GT was scheduled for introduction in 2011, now the new coupe is now being prepared for its debut next year. No official word so far on rescheduling the introductions of the Flying Spur and GTC models to go along with it, but many expect the sedan to move forward from 2012 to 2011, with the convertible to follow in 2012 instead of 2013 as previously reported.

While many automakers are busy cutting back their development prog ...

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News: Novitec creates its own supercar – the TuLesto

Novitec TuLesto fq

Tuner Novitec is famous for its ability to produce street-friendly tuner Ferrari models with massive power and tasteful aesthetic modifications. Novitec’s latest work the Novitec TuLesto clearly has a lot of Ferrari 430 influence, but also has a lot more to offer. Built in Bavaria by the German tuner, this mid-engined supercar is something of a celebratory model, designed to mark the company’s 20th anniversary.

Just 11 examples are planned, each brandishing exactly 777 horsepower — enough to push the carbon-fibre and aluminum body to 100 kph in 3.4 seconds before topping out at more than 350 kmh. Power comes from a 4.4-litre four-valve V8 with a pair of superchargers strapped on to earn the 777 hp (at 8,200 rpm), along with a peak torque figure of 536 pound-feet at 6,300 rpm. The sole transmission choice is a six-speed semi-automatic paddleshift setup.

While probably built more as a trackday monster, there is some street cred to the TuLesto, as well. The Luca Serafini designed front-end can be lifted four inches to accommodate speed bumps and ramps preventing damage. The suspension set up is a fully tweakable double-wishbone which includes adjustable dampers and swaybars.

The available 20- or 21-inch wheels are evil-looking Novitec own rims, and they house a set of ceramic composite brakes with six-piston fixed calipers.

Tuner Novitec is famous for its ability to produce street-friendly ...

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News: UK government unveils electric vehicle incentive program

Mitsubishi iMiEV fq

The UK government has announced a £250 million incentive program designed to get more plug-in and electric vehicles on British roads. The heart of the program is rebates of up to £5,000 for purchases of full electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

This could spell good news for companies like Mitsubishi, Nissan and even General Motors. The Japanese automakers are planning to introduce battery electric cars over the next two years and General Motors plans to launch the Vauxhall Ampera in 2011. The program is aimed squarely at next generation of full function electric vehicles like the Ampera and Mitsubishi iMiEV (pictured) rather than the existing crop of low speed vehicles.

In addition to subsidising new car purchases, the government wants to make life easy for EV drivers by putting in more public charging outlets. Around £20 million of the project money is being set aside for expanding out the UK’s infrastructure of charge points.

The UK government has announced a £250 million incentive program d ...

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News: Spyker Peking-Paris SUV to drop V12

Spyker Peking-Paris fq

It may not seem like the right time for Dutch supercar maker Spyker to unleash its $300,000 D8 Peking-Paris SUV on the global motoring public. However, a recent influx of development money from Russia means the project is very much still in the works. According to reports, inital plans for a V12 engine have officially been shelved in favor of a V8.

No word on who will supply the engine for the Spyker D8. Currently, the automaker sources its powerplants from Audi, including the 400-horsepower 4.2L V8 powering the flagship C8, but earlier rumors have suggested that Spyker may instead use anl American V8 in the production SUV. If the reports are true about the Peking-Paris getting a supercharged 8-cylinder poweplant with at least 550 horsepower, there are a few excellent choices for Spyker to consider. We all should find out soon enough — Spyker is reportedly prepping the D8 for a debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

It may not seem like the right time for Dutch supercar maker Spyke ...

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News: Upgraded Nissan GT-R improves lap time at Nurburgring

Nissan GT-R Nurburgring

Last year Nissan stunned the automotive world when it took it’s R35 GT-R around the Nurburgring and posted a super quick initial time of 7:29 (topping Porsche’s best). But it just wasn’t enough and the automaker’s engineers went back to the garage looking for a little extra for 2010. They came back with a slightly updated version, with five extra horsepower and revised dual-clutch transmission with updated launch control, plus a bigger fuel tank, new tyres and a retuned suspension. So what effect did these upgrades have on the GT-R’s ‘Ring run? About a second and a half off the record, which now stands for the Nissan supercar at an awesome 7:27.56.

According to Nissan, the time was posted using a 2010 GT-R with the optional V-Spec wheels and tyres, driven by former F1 tester Toshio Suzuki. The time is super quick but it remains a second short of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1’s 7:26.4 and more than 5 seconds off the Dodge Viper ACR’s 7:22.1, so Nissan will be back at it shortly. Next time it should be without the dirt and dust which the Japanese team says was coating the track to impede its lap time.

Last year Nissan stunned the automotive world when it took it's R3 ...

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Lexus: Lexus IS250 Limited 2009 Review


In the game of Monopoly you only get $10 for winning a beauty pageant, in real life you can cash in much more. Toyota is aware of this and demonstrates it most through its luxury Lexus brand. Now in its second generation and with a mid-cycle refresh for 2009, the IS250 still has the same raw visual appeal it did when NZ saw the first generation shape 10 years ago. Badged as the Altezza/IS200 back then, its Toyota reliability mixed with smooth modern styling attracted men like a siren’s song. But real beauty lays deeper than steel and glass, and even $10 beauty pageants take account of talent and congeniality. So is the face-lifted IS 250 the complete sports sedan package or will European competitors like the BMW 328i and Mercedes-Benz C-Class leave the Lexus wanting?

At first glance, looks are all that matters and the IS250 has more swimsuit sex appeal than evening wear elegance. A wide-track, coupe-like roofline and raked back windscreen give the Lexus a muscular stage presence. Bespoke light clusters front and back wrap into bold character lines adding to uncluttered clean-cut styling. The face-lift model has received some subtle styling tweaks including new side mirrors housing indicator repeaters, new front and rear bumpers and an updated grille. Optional 18″ wheels packed the flared guards on the tested model and finished off the 2009 update with a dash of bling. Exterior quality is excellent the IS250 feels as solid as it looks, panel join lines are tight and everything that opens closes with a comforting thud.

Slide inside the Lexus and what’s noticed initially is the driving position. The Coupe roofline and raked back windscreen has resulted in a reclined seating position for front seat occupants.The high shoulders and low seating position would make reversing a problem were it not for the optional camera which displays in the dash-mounted screen.

Once the memory seats are adjusted to suit, head and legroom is adequate but a little confined for driver and front passenger. However, in the rear seat space is restricted and while still capable of fitting three adults this is an area where the IS250 drops some points. The leather seats offer a grand level of luxury and firm lateral support. The IS250 cabin has an understated atmosphere that doesn’t feel consistent with the bold exterior design. Hard dark plastics blend in well with a marble-look centre console and chrome touches, but it looks somewhat dated. The instruments are nicely-illuminated and the touch-screen control unit functions well (the interface is tricky to learn), but the basic digital clock and the gear selection display both look like they were lifted from an older model. While the ergonomics and interior fit and finish are excellent, some short cuts were taken with the finer details. That said, cabin ambience and a long equipment list confirm the IS250 as a true luxury vehicle. Standard equipment includes adaptive HID headlights, front memory seats that can be heated and cooled, Smart Key Access, an electric rear sunshade and cruise control that is enabled with a radar pre-crash detection system. The tested model had a premium package upgrade that added Sat Nav, a reversing camera, Bluetooth phone capability and a booming Mark Levison Audio System. Overall, the cabin is comfortable for front occupants and well appointed, but suffers from looking a touch bland and dated.

At a beauty pageant sexy styling is expected, in the automotive world it’s like boasting and does the IS250 have the performance to back up its good looks? Well¦ almost. Packed under the bonnet is a 2.5L quad-cam direct injection V6 powerplant putting out 153kW of go-ahead and 252 Nm of torque. While the engine is refined, quiet and offers smooth linear acceleration it’s no fire-breathing monster. Buyers in this segment may not be looking for massive power but just a touch more would make a lot of difference. Ultimately, the IS250 is a solid performer but remains unable to cash the winner’s cheque its exterior styling has written.

When it’s talent section time the Lexus shines bright with an excellent blend of focused handling and direct steering. The 2009 model upgrade has seen updates to the suspension and steering with exceptional results, the IS250 grips hard on turn-in and the rear driving wheels create almost no oversteer even at a hasty pace. On windy roads quick changes of direction seldom unsettle the vehicles serene balance and body roll is near non-existent. Electronic steering is an area that many carmakers get wrong making it too vague, but on the IS250 the steering has strong feedback and enriches the driving experience. The handling is good enough to cancel out engine shortcomings and provide the driver with the confidence to corner quickly making the IS250 a sporty drive.

As expected in a luxury model ride quality is excellent with the updated suspension cancelling out any bumps or dips in the road. Wind and road noise are impressively minimal and engine noise is only present when the driver’s right-foot desires.

Safety features are good enough to impress the judges with Brake Assist (BA), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) all standard. A Pre-Crash System (PCS) is optional which detects a potential accident, tightens the seatbelts, primes the brakes in anticipation and prepares the other safety systems for emergency stopping. Front, side, curtain and knee airbags are ready for driver and front passenger if things turn ugly.

When it’s tears and tiaras time, the IS250 may not take the $10 pageant title but can keep its chin up knowing that it has a fantastic body and handling so well balanced it would never slip on even the most towering of stilettos. Overall the IS250 is an impressive vehicle, high quality materials have been used all round and a top level of comfort and refinement is evident. The dashing exterior styling means the Lexus will always get free parking at Mayfair and once the interior is updated and if the motor is gifted more power the IS250 is a potential class-leader.

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Price: from $86,990, tested model $96,490 with the Premium Package upgrade.

What we like:

  • Exterior Styling
  • Handling and ride quality
  • Safety features

What we don’t like:

  • Cabin space for rear passengers
  • Underpowered motor
  • Some of the interior is dated

Words and Photos: Adam Mamo

Lexus IS250 Limited (2009) – Specifications


Engine type     Petrol
Engine capacity (cc)     2500
Engine description     6cyl/DOHC/4v
Maximum Power     153kW @ 6400rpm
Maximum Torque     252Nm @ 4800rpm
Note: Power and Torque test standards differ. Ensure comparisons use same test standard.
Configuration     V-formation
Valvetrain     DOHC
– Variable valve timing     Intake and Exhaust
Fuel system     EFI
– Fuel type     95 or higher
Fuel economy     ADR 81/01 Test standard
– Combined (L/100km)     9.1
Note: Fuel economy varies with driving conditions/style, vehicle condition, options and accessories.


Driven Wheels     Rear
Transmission description     Six speed automatic sequential shift, electronically controlled with lock-up torque converter


Steering type     Rack and pinion
Steering operation     Power assisted
Turning Circle at Kerb     10.2


Front Brakes     Ventilated discs
Rear Brakes     Discs
Anti-Skid Brakes (ABS)
– Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
– Brake Assist (BA)
Traction Control (TRC)
Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
Vehicle Dynamic integrated Management (VDiM)


Front Suspension     Independent, double wishbone type, upper A-arm, lower L-arm, coil springs, gas dampers and ball joint mounted anti-roll bar.
Rear Suspension     Independent, multi-link type, with castor locating rod, coil springs, gas dampers and ball joint mounted anti-roll bar.

Tyres & Rims

Front Tyre size     225/40 R18
Rear Tyre size     255/40 R18
Front Rim size     18 x 8J
Rear Rim size     18 x 8.5J
Rim type     Alloy
Space saver spare     STD

Warranty / Service

Vehicle in years     4
Note: Warranties here are in addition to implied warranties under the trade practices act. Conditions apply. See warranty booklet for details.
Paint in years     4
Perforation in years     6

In the game of Monopoly you only get $10 for winning a beauty page ...

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Blogs: I don’t like personalised plates or Tofu

I once bought a car with a personalised plate on it, a VW Mk3 Golf with the plate DUBBEE because it’s a VeeDub I guess. Upon purchase I told the seller that I wasn’t interested in the plate and if he organised a standard replacement he should keep it, he told me he didn’t want it either and I was the owner of a personalised plate. So I endured three weeks of jibes and teasing from mates about the plate until the joke was on them and I flogged it off for $350 on Trade Me. Although my personalised plate was kind of lame, it definately wasn’t obscene.

Over in the States American mother-of-three Kelley Coffman-Lee requested a seemingly safe combination of letters for a personalised plate, she was promptly turned down.

While Kelley wanted the world to know just how much she loves tofu, the Department of Revenue in Colorado saw it as a profession of love for something else entirely. “I-LV-TOFU” was deemed too risque, the DOR thinking it could be misinterpreted as “I-LV-TO-F-U.”

Turns out Coffman-Lee is a vegan, and as she puts it, “I’m very expressive. I’m anti-fur, anti-rodeo, anti-circus when they come to Denver, and I thought, ‘Here’s a chance to be positive and say I love something.'” She even says that a friend at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA) liked the idea so much they were willing to pay the $60 plate fee.

Alas, the Colorado Department of Revenue turned her down. While she doesn’t plan to take the matter to court, she does say she’ll continue to speak out about mistreating animals… and the strength of her love for TOFU. Myself, I find the food rather bland but not offensively so.

Tofu number plate

I once bought a car with a personalised plate on it, a VW Mk3 Golf wit ...

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News: Irmscher launches new Turbo 7 track day weapon

Irmscher 7 turbo

German carmaker Irmscher has just unveiled its latest rival to the Caterham and Ariel Atom – the new 7 Turbo. The roadster looks very similar to the Lotus Super Seven, and it shares the Lotus’ focus on lightweight performance meaning it should be a formidable track machine, especially in its most potent variant.

The 7 Turbo comes in four different trim levels, the most powerful being the 7 Turbo Sport. Weighing in at a whippet 725kg, in Turbo Sport guise the vehicle comes packing a 280hp (209kW) wallop, giving it a very impressive power-to-weight ratio of around 390hp per ton higher than most high performance cars can manage.

The 7 Turbo also comes in trim levels without as much power as the Turbo Sport model, including a turbo model with around 210hp (157kW) and a naturally-aspirated model with close to 150hp (112kW). All models come standard with sports tyres and a custom suspension, and surprisingly the car comes with an air-conditioning system and a waterproof soft-top roof. The interior offers specially designed clocks and a push-start button for the engine.

To keep all the power concentrated on the road, independent front and rear differentials ensure that the car gets as much grip as possible, even in wet conditions. For the mid-range 210hp (156kW) model, customers will be looking at a bill of around €55,000, making this is no cheap proposition for gentleman racers.

German carmaker Irmscher has just unveiled its latest rival to the ...

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