NQN: US 60 Minutes adds noise to Tesla electric car

An editor of the US television programme 60 Minutes has created controversy on the airwaves by dubbing the sound of a conventional car engine onto the video footage of a Tesla electric car, which is normally silent.

The story on Tesla founder Elon Musk was aired last weekend and presented by 60 minutes anchor Scott Pelley who wasn’t aware of the audio addition as he went to air.

The mistake was spotted by the car enthusiast website jalopnik.com, writer Robert Sorokanich says it almost sounded like a motorcycle. Continue reading “US 60 Minutes adds noise to Tesla electric car” »

News: NQN: World’s fastest bath tub?

310197122Trade Me seller fluorite-cat has an unusual item up for online auction currently, it’s a 400cc Honda powered bath tub on racing slicks.

This unique creation is up for grabs as the seller has other projects on the go needing funds.

Overfilling the bath with water and bubbles is not recommended when under full acceleration – and the plug is not included in the deal. Continue reading “NQN: World’s fastest bath tub?” »

News: GM recalls more vehicles for ignition switch faults


General Motors says it will replace the ignition switch in all model years of its Chevrolet Cobalt, HHR, Pontiac G5, Solstice and Saturn Ion and Sky in the U.S. since faulty switches may have been used to repair the vehicles.

Recalling another 824,000 more vehicles in the US and 971,000 globally means GM now has a recall in place for more than 2.5 million vehicles affected by the ignition switch issue.

The parts are at the centre of the company’s recently announced ignition switch recall. About 95,000 faulty switches were sold to dealers and aftermarket wholesalers. Of those, about 90,000 were used to repair older vehicles that were repaired before they were recalled in February. Continue reading “GM recalls more vehicles for ignition switch faults” »

News: Plugged-in: The day the power ran out


One of the key messages pushed with this type of vehicle is that it alleviates ‘range anxiety’, the concern that you will run out of battery power while out and about – unable to plug-in.

Visions to mind of pushing your poo flat car down a dark street in the middle of the night.

And the system does the trick. When you need it, the 1.4-litre, 63Kw four-cylinder kicks in – although very intermitantly. It does not operate constantly – functioning more like a hybrid. The car will roll off under its battery, before the engine kicks in, rises to a steady level, and boosts the power supply for a few moments, then cuts out again when the load is off. Continue reading “Plugged-in: The day the power ran out” »

News: Special edition Captiva


Holden New Zealand is leveraging the most out of their popular Captiva – launching a special edition ‘Active’ model.

Based on the LTZ version of the Captiva 7, the Active adds gloss black or gun metal painted 19 inch allow wheels, body coloured wheel arch trims, embossed front head rests, special basing, moulded flour mats and tinted windows.

HNZ marketing manager Marnie Samphier is confident that the new Captiva 7 Active will only add to its popularity. Continue reading “Special edition Captiva” »

News: Award for F12


One of the most relevant car of the year awards has been announced. Relevant if you have around $700k in your pocket that is.

The Robb Report – the guide of record for those who enjoy the finer, and more expensive things in life, has named Ferrari’s F12berlinetta as its 2014 car of the year.

In an “unprecedented landslide decision,” the car was selected by editors and a panel of guest judges made up of members of the ‘Robb Report Club’. Continue reading “Award for F12” »

News: Kiwi driver goes for Arctic adventure

Kiwi V8 Supercar ace Scott McLaughlin has had a strong start to the racing year with his new Volvo Polestar Racing, toping the podium in Melbourne – and has since headed to the top of the world to celebrate.

McLaughlin and team mate Robert Dahlgren flew to one of Volvo’s winter testing bases to drive a number of Polestar-engineered road cars.

Located in Jokkmokk, 10km above the polar circle, the test track is set on a frozen lake with a number of different testing scenarios designed to push Volvos to the limit. Continue reading “Kiwi driver goes for Arctic adventure” »

Abarth: Abarth EsseEsse 500c 2014 review


Abarth 3I knew I looked a little odd in the Fiat 500 from the moment I picked it up. I am six foot and sized like a long-retired prop. In a car the size of a small picnic table, that leaves me hanging out the seams. Continue reading “Abarth EsseEsse 500c 2014 review” »