News: Google Android, Apple vying for in-car software

in-car-softwareGoogle has launched its long-awaited in-car software, putting it in direct competition with Apple, and traditional car manufacturers for control of future dashboards.

Google and Apple, whose software platforms power more than 90% of the world’s smartphones, consider the car as the next technological battleground, as the companies vie to provide in-vehicle entertainment, communication and navigation systems to drivers.

Google’s in-car software, Google Auto Link, which has been developed with Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai, will be initially be offered to those carmakers. Continue reading “Google Android, Apple vying for in-car software” »

News: Honda extends warranty and roadside assist to five years


People who bought a new Honda from June 1, 2014 have now received an extension to the three year unlimited kilometre warranty and roadside assistance package which the company has offered since 2007.

Honda says it was the first company to do so in 2007 and it says its vehicles regarded as the most reliable on the road*1.

It has now extended its three year warranty and roadside assistance to five years, making this a comprehensive new vehicle warranty. Continue reading “Honda extends warranty and roadside assist to five years” »

News: Mayoral Daimler to be sold for quake fund

DBAFA0EE-934C-43F9-909A-AE4805E40FD0The Christchurch City Council has unanimously agreed to publicly auction the ayoral Daimler and put the sale proceeds into the Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund.

The grey 1970 Daimler was retired from public duty in 1996 and will be advertised for public auction on Trademe tomorrow for two weeks.

“This has been sitting on our books for a long time and we need to make a decision to get rid of it,” says Mayor Lianne Dalziel. “We offered it to the Ferrymead Heritage Park and the RNZAF Airforce Museum at Wigram, but they didn’t want it.” Continue reading “Mayoral Daimler to be sold for quake fund” »

Blogs: Blogs: A different point of view


IMG_0594It’s been an interesting week and a bit here at Car and SUV headquarters because we’ve had two quite different vehicles to drive, one being the Outlander PHEV SUV and the other a supercharged V8 FPV GT Falcon sedan.

The sublime and the ridiculous – well not so much. Continue reading “Blogs: A different point of view” »

News: Ford best global green brand

BGGB2014_Social_Media_Badge-1The Ford Motor Company has been recognised for its commitment to sustainability, by ranking No. 1 on Interbrand’s 2014 list of the 50 best global green brands. The manufacturer beat out last year’s winner – Toyota – along with Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

Ford claimed the top spot for its forward-thinking approach to environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing, greater transparency about its business operations, and for disclosure of information, particularly in the area of manufacturing.

Ford’s focus on water, highlighted in the company’s recently released 15th annual sustainability report, as well as its waste-reduction and green building efforts, contributed to the company’s rise to the top. Continue reading “Ford best global green brand” »

News: Outlander plug-in hybrid aims for rally victory


More than 2,000 gruelling kilometres of potholes, swamps, river crossings and South-East Asian jungle stand between Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) and the latest in its long line of international motor-sport victories.

Having won manufacturer’s titles across the world and claimed the Dakar Rally crown more than any other car brand – a record 12 times – MMC is now backing the cross-country charge of its Outlander PHEV, competing in the Asia Cross Country Rally for the second year in a row.

MMC will again partner Osaka-based Two & Four Motor Sports to contest the FIA-certified event, which starts at the Thai beach resort of Pattaya on Saturday, August 9 and ends in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh on Friday, August 15. Continue reading “Outlander plug-in hybrid aims for rally victory” »

News: NQN: AT staff give slow public transport a miss

eight_col_SHUTTLEAuckland Transport (AT) is trialling the use of a staff shuttle bus for six months between its downtown Auckland office and head office in Henderson because buses and trains are too slow.

According to Radio New Zealand News, AT wants to reduce its car fleet by 20 vehicles and is encouraging staff to cut car use.

AT community transport manager Matthew Rednall told Radio New Zealand News that the train trip from Britomart to Henderson takes 50 minutes, while the shuttle usually took 20 to 25 minutes. Continue reading “NQN: AT staff give slow public transport a miss” »

Kia: Kia: 2014 Pro_c’eed GT review


kia-proceed-gt-2014-frontThe Germans have a fantastic array of compound words. In German you can keep adding descriptive words together to form a word that’s a bit like a train with multiple carriages. One such word is hochkommakrankheit which, according to my research, means a banal obsession with the deployment of apostrophes – literally ‘apostrophitis’. Continue reading “Kia: 2014 Pro_c’eed GT review” »