News: Audi unveils cutting edge suspension springs

Audi-springsAudi is introducing new, lightweight suspension springs made of fibre-glass reinforced polymer (GFRP) in an upper mid-size model before the end of the year.

The GFRP spring, which Audi developed in collaboration with an Italian supplier, even looks different to a steel spring. It is light green, the fibre strand is thicker than the wire of a steel spring, and it has a slightly larger overall diameter with a lower number of coils.

Most importantly it is 40% lighter. Whereas a steel spring for an upper mid-size model weighs nearly 2.7kg, a GFRP spring with the same properties weighs just 1.6kg. Together the four GFRP springs reduce overall weight by roughly 4.4kg, half of which is unsprung mass. Continue reading “Audi unveils cutting edge suspension springs” »

News: Giltrap Group displays new prestige models at CRC Speedshow


The Giltrap Group will present a comprehensive range of new models at this year’s CRC Speedshow in Auckland over the weekend of 19 and 20 July.

The group is a family-owned New Zealand business which represents 13 brands across 10 dealerships and group marketing manager Anthony Glover confirmed this week that the company’s display would include the new McLaren 650S supercar and the new Porsche Macan compact SUV as well as new and current models from Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley and Audi.

Glover says that the line-up of other models would remain fluid until the eve of the show, meaning other new models across the company’s range of sports and luxury brands might also share the spotlight. Continue reading “Giltrap Group displays new prestige models at CRC Speedshow” »

News: Unique Camry sedan hits Toyota dealers



Toyota has launched a special edition Camry RZ with a high level of equipment specified, that has not featured on the model previously.

“The Camry RZ adds aspirational style and street presence to the Camry line-up,” says Toyota New Zealand product general manager Neeraj Lala.

“The additions to the Camry RZ, provide buyers with a unique option in the range that stands out from the crowd and represents great value for money.” Continue reading “Unique Camry sedan hits Toyota dealers” »

News: Car buying in 3D through Oculus Rift

Oculus-Rift-headsetA California based company is revolutionising the way we do our everyday chores – including buying a car – and shaping how we see the world, literally.

It’s the technology that the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies has been working on for a few years now. “Virtual reality is about to take off in a way that I don’t think anybody can fully comprehend,” says USC professor Mark Bolas.

“The way people collaborate and communicate is going to shift, to where physical presence isn’t as important as virtual presence,” Bolas says. Continue reading “Car buying in 3D through Oculus Rift” »

News: Maserati celebrates 100 years


A century of pure Italian luxury sports cars retraces the 100-year history of the Maserati through an exhibition featuring some of the brands most significant road and racing cars

The Maserati exhibition encapsulates the two spirits of the company: the initial “sports” vocation that characterised the period from the early 1920s until the end of the 1950s, followed by a shift in focus to road-going models, a period that testified to the company’s coming-of-age as a car manufacturer.

The move away from sports racing cars to road vehicles was typified by Maserati announcing new dealerships in Australia and New Zealand. Continue reading “Maserati celebrates 100 years” »

Renault: Renault: 2014 Clio Expression TCe 120 quick drive


DSC_0231When a lovely lady named Gail rang me from the Auckland Renault dealership to book a press drive of the new Clio hatch, she asked me what body colour I would like? Continue reading “Renault: 2014 Clio Expression TCe 120 quick drive” »

BMW: BMW: 2014 116i Innovation Edition quick drive


DSC_0023What’s not to like about a compact premium rear-wheel-drive hatchback, especially when it comes laden with lots of additional equipment at no extra cost? Continue reading “BMW: 2014 116i Innovation Edition quick drive” »

News: Second stage of WoF changes hit next week

wofThe second stage of changes to the Warrant of Fitness scheme comes into effect next Tuesday – July 1.

From that date, all light vehicles first registered anywhere in the world on or after 1 January 2000 will move from six-monthly to annual WoFs for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Light vehicles first registered between 2004 and 2008 moved from six-monthly to annual inspections from January 1 of this year. Continue reading “Second stage of WoF changes hit next week” »