Volvo holding XC90 under recall

Volvo holding XC90 under recall

Volvo Cars New Zealand has actioned a recall on its new XC90 – affecting more cars that have not been delivered than already in customer hands.

The fault relates to a side trim panel that could affect the deployment of a curtain airbag to the third row seats. No incidents have been reported.

The 12 affected car owners are being notified in person and delivery of the the remaining 34 cars in transit and at dealerships has been temporarily suspended.

Volvo NZ general manager Steve Kenchington, says the company will modify the design of the panel surrounding the airbag curtain to ensure the airbag inflates as intended. Repairs are believed to take around 20-­30 minutes, he says.

Kenchington says the affected owners were all contacted within hours of the company being notified by Volvo to arrange immediate action.

“We’re committed to ensuring that Volvo Cars remains at the forefront of vehicle safety and are doing everything possible to ensure that there is minimal disruption to our customers while we get this right,” he says.

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