Tato Nano sees huge rise in sales numbers

Tato Nano sees huge rise in sales numbers

The world’s cheapest car the Tata Nano has had a sharp increase in sales in the last couple of months. This has required Tata Motors to double production of budget microcar. In March, the Indian automaker sold 8,707 examples, nearly as much as its 9,000-unit sales record back in July, 2010.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the Nano, after a record number of sales on release the Nano’s sales plummeted to a low point of just 589 units last November. The decline was caused largely by numerous reports that alleged that the cars were mysteriously bursting into flames. Following the mysterious fire issue, Tata offered free extended warranties on the cars, up to 90 percent financing on easy terms, and a comprehensive maintenance plan at just 99 rupees a month (about $2.90 NZD).

The incentives and lack of recent Nano fires have re-attracted buyers and theNano is back on top. Currently, Tata is building 9,000-10,000 cars a month at its Sanand, India plant, and had planned to increase that rate to 15,000 this fiscal year. In light of this new sales spike, though, that number was bumped to 18,000 to 20,000 units a month.

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