Straight to the top for Subarus at Turoa

Straight to the top for Subarus at Turoa

Subaru-TW-OwnersThe snow was falling and Subarus were everywhere as Turoa ski field hosted another fantastic Subaru Top Weekend on August 22-23 at Mt Ruapehu.

An early start for Subaru owners paid off, as the top car parks reserved for them started filling up from 6:45am.

In record time, the top car parks at Turoa were filled up with Subarus by 8:30am on Saturday and 8.45am on Sunday, as the All Wheel Drives were waved up ahead of the long line waiting for lower car parks.

Subaru Top Weekend is an annual event held at one of the two Mt Ruapehu ski fields, in recognition of Subaru of New Zealand’s partnership with Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Limited (RAL), and enables Subaru drivers exclusive top car parks for the day.

“It sure is a good day to own a Subaru!” was the resounding compliment from drivers who were ecstatic to not only get a great park, but to receive a whole handful of freebies. They all appreciated the effort Subaru of New Zealand had made to ensure owners of its cars were taken care of.Subaru-TW-Subaru-carpark

Every Subaru driver or family received goodie bags, free hot drinks and a chance to experience it all over again by entering to win a free jacket and Mt Ruapehu passes in an exclusive Subaru competition.

The oldest Subaru in attendance, having done over 500,000km, was still driving like a dream according to the owner.

He was overheard telling a fellow Subaru owner that he would buy a 1985 Subaru Leone again tomorrow if he could. His assertion was that it was the best car he had ever owned and he wouldn’t want to own any other kind of car. It might be old but still gets him up the mountain every time, he says.


The yet-to-be released Subaru Levorg was also on display.

Katie van Rijn (21), who is new to owning a Subaru, said buying her second-hand Legacy was the best decision she made.

“I go skiing quite a lot and struggled to get my gear in my old car as well as piling my friends in,” Rijn says. “This wagon lets me get everything in it or on it, as well as my friends and I definitely feel safer in the All Wheel Drive,” she says.

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