Porsche 911 configurator makes a dreamy distraction

Calling all dreamers out there, the new 2012 Porsche 911 configurator has just gone online so you can build your personalised car online and drive it in your imagination.

As you’d expect the new 911 is available from new in a wide range of exterior colours, interior trim specifications and wheel options. It’s best to pretend money is no issue and up-spec your virtual 911 as far as you can go – and that is pretty far. Exterior colours include new hues like ‘Cognac Metallic’ and the rather dubious ‘Lime Gold Metallic’ which come at a premium. If they are too much you can stick to traditional colour combos like a Guards Red exterior and beige leather interior.

Other options include detailing like coloured centre caps on the 20-inch wheels, a rear windscreen wiper, sunroof, black instrument dials and all manner of performance upgrades.

The 2012 Porsche 911 configurator is both a worthy time waster for a working day and a reminder why working is important.

Click here to go to the Porsche website and build your very own 911.

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