New Volkswagen Phaeton on track for 2015

New Volkswagen Phaeton on track for 2015

The first-generation Volkswagen Phaeton didn’t achieve the sales VW desired but the carmaker is ready to give it another go. In 2015 VW will unveil its second-gen Phaeton flagship and according to reports it will be a substantially different machine.

The new Phaeton will be developed under the VW631 codename and is expected to use Audi’s new MLM Evo platform which should be lighter and offer much improved handling. While the current model is offered in sedan form only, the MLM Evo platform could lend itself to a variety of body styles including an S-Class Coupe rival, a five-door hatch and even a ‘shooting brake’ variant.

Little is known about what powerplant options VW will offer under the bonnet but it’s likely engine offerings will be much smaller than the current V8 and W12 mills. Possible options are four-cylinder units, six-cylinders and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

The 2015 Phaeton is also expected to be cheaper than the current model and rather than compete with the Audi A8 it will be sized and priced between the A6 and A7 models.

Volkswagen are expected to reveal a new Phaeton ‘Concept D’ vehicle at one of the upcoming motor shows.

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