New Morgan Plus 8 leaks out before Geneva debut

New Morgan Plus 8 leaks out before Geneva debut

Word has leaked out early that Morgan will be releasing a new version of the its Plus 8 ahead of next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

The reworked Plus 8 sports car will feature wheels borrowed from the Series IV Aero 8 along with air conditioning as standard equipment. Those who love their retro-styling but don’t like manual transmissions will now be offered an automatic transmission. Otherwise, the vehicle remains fairly close to what we’ve come to expect from the iconic 8. The new model will be offered in a total of eight colors along with various wood finishes on the interior.

According to unconfirmed reports the new Morgan 8 will cost around £71,000 ($141,500 NZ). Final production figures on the Plus 8 models is unknown but it’s likely the production run will be limited.

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