Mazda MX-5 superlight concept

Mazda MX-5 superlight concept

The Mazda MX-5 has become the biggest selling roadster of all time thanks to a simple, unchanging formula of low weight and fun dynamics.

To celebrate the car’s 20th anniversary, Mazda recently unveiled a special edition model for sale in the Japanese domestic market, but that wasn’t enough. Now Mazda has released images of a speedster-style concept dubbed the MX-5 Superlight. The concept, which is set to be revealed at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, has the front windscreen removed and futuristic-looking roll bars at the rear.

While Mazda is keeping mum about the finer details, it is expected that a number of weight-saving measures have been undertaken on the car. The MX-5 Superlight was designed by Mazda’s in-house team in Germany, and other unique cosmetic and structural changes include the absence of A-pillars and door handles as well as the smooth front and rear decks.

In terms of engines, the concept is expected to be fitted with the standard MX-5’s range-topping 2.0L gasoline engine, and with all the weight-saving measures put in place the Superlight should be very rapid.

Sadly, a production version of the car will most likely never happen, and the MX-5 Superlight will most likely remain a commemorative concept for the 20th birthday of the MX-5.

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