Mazda at work on RX-7 replacement

Mazda at work on RX-7 replacement

There’s been a lot of speculation about a Mazda RX-7 revival recently but it still seemed like the next-generation, rotary coupe was never going to happen. Now, Mazda’s new design chief, Ikua Maeda, has given us all a new injection of hope when he said in a recent interview that initial sketches have been completed and he’s campaigning Mazda to bring the new sports car to market.

The reborn RX-7 will likely be powered by Mazda’s next generation Renesis 16X rotary engine, most recently used in the Mazda Taiki concept (pictured), it’s 1.6-liters in size and makes use of a longer stroke, direct injection and aluminum side housings. Power output hasn’t been disclosed, but it’s safe to assume the new engine will dish out around 250 to 300 horsepower and some decent torque, while boosting fuel economy and keeping emissions low for the future.

Maeda said the new RX-7 will move further upmarket than its predecessors, with a focus on higher interior quality. The new RX-7 will probably be priced with this in mind.  Whatever the case we hope a hardcore, track-focused version is on the cards too. If things go to plan the new RX-7 could be in concept form as early as next year.

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