Insurance for soulless autonomous robot ‘cars’

Insurance for soulless autonomous robot ‘cars’

Unless your surname’s Google and you’ve got more money than well, anyone, some vehicles aren’t that easy to protect – if it doesn’t fit into an insurer’s drop-down menu on their website, you’re stuffed.

But if you’ve been scratching your head about how to insure your soulless autonomous robot car appliance, there’s good news.

Even though the automotive soothsayers reckon that it’ll be 2050 before commercialised, fully-autonomous cars hit the road, a British insurer has already stepped up.


The specialist insurer – with the suitably futuristic-sounding name Adrian Flux – will cover those who already have cars with built-in semi-autonomous features.

These features, like self-park systems and Tesla’s AutoPilot – which was not always as infallible as Elon Musk’s electric car superstars would have liked; even Google’s much-vaunted autonomous machine clips the odd bit of public transport…

Tesla ‘Summon’ mode brings forth bad things
Google self driving car hits bus

Adrian Flux is actually a bit visionary – it’s the type of offering that will have those early adopting, gadgety types wondering what would happen if their whiz-bang vehicle erred towards the ‘bang’ next time they’re demonstrating its high-level trickbag.

Would they be covered, or would Flux’ policy be the only way of guaranteeing an insurance pay out.

Liability has long been an autonomous bugbear, with questions asked every time one of the robot machines goes a bit astray. It’s almost accepted that America will see some sizeable test cases and some utterly insane compensation payouts when the time comes.

The issue warranted special mention by the Queen herself while introducing the UK’s Modern Transport Bill – specifically about insurance policies extending to cover accidents caused by vehicle technology.

Gerry Bucke, general manager at Adrian Flux, said: “As the UK continues to invest in driverless research in preparation for the growing market for autonomous vehicles in the near future, we wanted to help provide confidence and clarity around the ongoing debate.”

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