Honda reveals more info on Jazz electric concept

Honda reveals more info on Jazz electric concept

Honda traveled fairly light to the recent 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and didn’t unveil any ground-breaking performance concept cars. But it did use the event to show off some of its greener prototypes including the EV concept.

The EV concept hasn’t been given a production name yet, but uses a platform very similar to the Honda Jazz and is designed to meet the needs of the daily commuter.

When the production version of Honda’s EV Concept is released sometime next year, it will be powered by a lithium-ion battery and coaxial electric motor. Interestingly, the motor is derived from the unit found in Honda’s FCX Clarity fuel cell car. The unit is efficient and powerful while remaining quiet at motorway speeds. It can go as fast as 145km/h according to Honda.

Estimated driving range for the EV Concept is 160 km, and this can be maximised with the use of a clever three-mode electric drive system adapted from the Honda CR-Z.

Exact details on specification and pricing haven’t been released for the EV Concept and Honda hasn’t named dates for its release either. But by the end of next year expect to have heard plenty more about this burgeoning electric hatchback.

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