Gordon Murray unveils T.32 full electric roadster

Gordon Murray unveils T.32 full electric roadster

Gordon Murray is known as something of an automotive oracle. The man drastically improved Formula 1 cars through the 1980s and was responsible for the creation of the ground-breaking McLaren F1 supercar. More recently, Murray has turned his had to developing environmentally friendly vehicles.

Back in June, Murray revealed his first all-electric city car, the T.27 (read news), and claimed that three different manufacturers were interested in producing it.

But while Murray has been working on city cars, his true passion remains sports cars. An electric-powered sports car gives Murray the chance to combine his two passions on one project.

That’s where carbon fibre specialist Toray Industries Inc. comes in, the company has commissioned Gordon Murray Design to build an all-new all-electric roadster. The result is the open-top, two-seater Teewave AR.1, or the T.32.

Murray’s AR.1 uses a carbonfibre monocoque chassis developed by Toray Industires and uses an electric powertrain lifted from the Mitsubishi iMiEV. Total power for the electric motor is just 48kW but the AR.1’s weighs in at just 850 kg including the 240 kg battery.

Even with a low weight body the AR.1’s performance figures aren’t exactly sporty. The 0-100 km/h sprint takes a leisurely 11.4 seconds and top speed is only 146 km/h.

Despite these shortcomings Murray is very positive about the vehicle and says that the T.32 “proves that performance through light weight is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to achieve power-to-weight targets.”

Don’t expect the AR.1 to reach full production anytime soon, it’s set to be another precursor to the future of performance vehicles.

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