Ford Focus RS Black Racing Edition unleashed on Europe

Ford Focus RS Black Racing Edition unleashed on Europe

The Ford Focus RS is a brutally uncompromising hot hatch that has unfortunately proved rare and illusive here in NZ. Sure there have been a few private imports but with Ford NZ’s decision not to sell the RS into our market we’ve missed out on another fast Ford.

That’s not the case over in Europe where the RS, now in its twilight years in current form, has proved popular for fans and tuners alike.

Horsepower merchants Anderson Germany is the latest tuner to go to work on the Focus RS and has built a machine to tempt those waiting anxiously for the next-generation Focus RS to be released. This reworked model is called the Ford Focus RS Black Racing Edition.

The Düsseldorf-based tuner takes a standard unit from the current generation Focus RS series and makes it look sinister and sexy. It comes in a matte black exterior finish with contrasting red highlights.

Modifications aren’t limited to the cosmetic and Anderson offers performance tuning on the RS, taking output up to a sketchy 309 kW, far higher than the standard 224 kW output on the turbocharged 2.5 liter 5-cylinder unit. That’s a fair whack of power going exclusively to the front treads.

Interior tweaks mimic the exterior styling with a classy black leather and Alcantara finish with red stitching.

Check out the images in the gallery below and indulge in some day dreaming of terrorising your neighbourhood in this sordid Ford.

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