Coupe and convertible versions planned for new Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost fq

It came as little surprise but an exterior stylist for Rolls-Royce has just disclosed that the company is planning both coupe and convertible variants of its upcoming all-new Ghost sedan. Andreas Thurner, responsible for creating the new Roller, said that, “…the Ghost was designed in a way to make other body styles… we have to build up a family for the Ghost just as we did for the Phantom.” The coupe and cabriolet models haven’t received the official green light for production yet, but it’s practically tradition.

Rolls-Royce has confirmed that the new model will receive an “intelligent” air suspension set up on all four corners that will read multiple sensor inputs and make individual load calculations every 2.5 milliseconds. Apparently the new tech is so sensitive that it can detect exactly where passengers are seated and when they move about within the cabin. In addition, the air suspension will raise or lower the vehicle by 25mm to compensate for diving, improve ground clearance, and ease entry for the VIP passengers. Hand-built as always at the company’s Goodwood plant in the U.K., production will begin later this year.

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