Chrysler 300C wagon faces extinction

Some said it looks like a hearse others said it was the ugliest thing they’ve seen since Paul Holmes went on Dancing with the Stars – it’s the Chrysler 300C wagon. Although it never appealed to all tastes it did gain a substantial following and there will be some that are sad to hear that a wagon variant won’t be offered with the new 300C model.

Chrysler-Lancia CEO Saad Chebab said in a recent interview that the 300C wagon’s sales in the States weren’t enough to justify the development costs of a five-door version of the platform. Apparently the 300C Touring had proved more popular in the U.K and Europe than it did in the States.

With Fiat having a huge input in post-bankruptcy Chrysler it is making the calls and the 300C wagon isn’t a priority at the moment. Money that would have been spent on the large wagon can now be used for more important things like girly retro-styled hatchbacks.

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