Chinese-porcelin finished Ferrari 599

Chinese-porcelin finished Ferrari 599

Ferrari 599 porcelin s

In theory in a communist country, all Ferraris should be equal, but now some are more equal than others. Ferrari has created a special-edition 599 GTB Fiorano made exclusively for the Chinese market. Only twelve of them are scheduled for production. But that’s not exclusive enough and an extra extravagant unique 599 has been created.

This one-of-a-kind Ferrari has been differentiated by Lu Hao, a Chinese artist who applied the special touches that make this Ferrari unique. It’s been decked out in the cracked glaze pattern of the coveted Song Dynasty-era Ge Liln porcelain, and signed by the artist himself. There is also a jade engine starter button and a name plaque.

The unique supercar is ready to be auctioned off for charity in Beijing on November 3.

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