Build your own Bugatti with new online configurator

Build your own Bugatti with new online configurator

When playing the ‘if you could choose any car’ game the Bugatti Veyron is the choice for many, but for the few who can actually afford one time is quickly running out. Bugatti’s production run of 300 Veyrons is quickly approaching its end but to keep things interesting for fans and possibly for serious buyers too, Bugatti has launched a new online configurator for its uncompromising supercar.

The new configurator lets you choose and modify most of the Veyron’s details, including the various color combinations and also grille designs, wheel patterns and even seat belt coloring. Once you’ve got your Veyron just right, you can print out a PDF of your preferences to take to your nearest Bugatti dealer or just stick to your wall.

The configurator is available for the ‘standard’ Veyron and the convertible Grand Sport model while the harder core Super Sport is only available in a limited range of colors and is rumoured to be already sold out.

To sort out your perfect Bugatti Veyron, click here to visit Bugatti’s website.

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