BMW working on sustainable sports car concept

Alongside yesterday’s shock announcement that BMW is quitting F1 after the 2009 season, the automaker also announced a new focus on improving its green credentials. This doesn’t mean that BMW’s future model range will be limited to dull economy orientated vehicles. Quite the opposite in fact as the automaker will reportedly showcase a new sustainable sports car concept at Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

Late last year it leaked that BMW was working on a “green” super-sports car based along the lines of the M1 Homage concept (pictured). BMW development board member Dr Klaus Draeger has now revealed to a German motoring magazine that the company is planning to unveil a sustainable sports car concept at the upcoming Frankfurt event.

The concept will be a showcase for the latest in BMW EfficientDynamics technology, but further to that the concept will feature sustainable design and material elements.

According to earlier reports, BMW is looking into the viability of the project, with the ultimate goal to create a two-seater sports car that displays all of firm’s most sophisticated environmental technology. A limited production is predicted for release at the end of 2012.

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