BMW retains VIP fleet deal

BMW retains VIP fleet deal

BMW New Zealand has retained the contract to supply the governments Crown limousines – again to the annoyance of the Green party.

The Department of Internal Affairs announced today that it will be replacing 32 of its fleet of 34 VIP vehicles with new BMW 730Lds.

The deal is part of the All of Government Vehicles procurement process.

Nine vehicles were submitted for evaluation, with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise reporting the BMW represented the lowest total cost of ownership.

Three vehicles were shortlisted, all diesel powered.

Ministerial vehicles are used for the Prime Minister and Ministers of the Crown, the Leader of the Opposition, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, visiting dignitaries including Heads of State, the Judiciary, and the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

The current fleet was scheduled for replacement this year following the expiration of its extended warranty. The new cars will be progressively introduced from December.

Two vehicles of the existing fleet will be retained and the rest disposed of in the best way to maximise their resale value.

The Green Party, as it has done in the past, was quick to criticise the decision.

“The Government has wasted the opportunity to lead the way and start replacing the Crown fleet with electric cars, instead of buying more BMW diesels,” Green Party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter says.

“The latest high-end electric cars like Teslas can travel about 400km on one charge so range is no excuse, especially given that many of the Crown fleet’s trips are just the 20km round trip from the Beehive to Wellington Airport and back.”

Genter’s position ignores the fact there are no direct sales or support of the car in New Zealand yet:

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