Aston Martin to debut updated DBS in 2012

Aston Martin to debut updated DBS in 2012

Aston Martin’s DBS has been on the scene for five years now and the DB9 on which its based has been on sale for eight years. Both models are in their twilight years, but its been revealed that they’ll have to keep going a few more years yet. The replacement is expected to be all new, but won’t be available until 2015. Till then Aston Martin is planning a comprehensive facelift for the DB9 family.

The high-end DBS will be the first model to receive the changes before the updates are used on the rest of the model line. Expect to see some design cues borrowed off the One-77 supercar, this will show the influence of new design boss Marek Reichman.

The new touches will see a fully updated front fascia which drops the company’s trademark shape in favor of a new single grille/air dam. There will also be re-shaped bonnet vents and sharper lines all around.

Interior upgrades are also on the cards, as are engine tweaks with about 15kW more to come from the 5.9-litre V12 engine bringing power up to around 395kW in DBS trim. Expect the facelifted DBS to arrive sometime late next year, with the new DB9 to follow later.

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