Ariel planning a new alternative powered vehicle

Ariel planning a new alternative powered vehicle

Ariel planning a new alternative

Minimalist motoring maestro Atom is reportedly working on an all-new vehicle that won’t be powered by a standard engine and is set to break new ground.

According to Ariel’s boss Simon Saunders, the new model will be a significant departure from the Atom, by removing the exposed tube-frame chassis and mid-mounted engine. Those decisions have allowed Ariel to look at new drivetrains including fuel cells and electric motors but Saunders insists that the company’s primary ethos of light weight mixed with head-snapping acceleration won’t be compromised.

Ariel has no intention of competing with the world’s largest automakers. Saunders said, “We don’t want to take on the established manufacturers. We will use our knowledge from building the Atom to produce a car for a totally new segment.”

Although plans for an all-new Atom packing a crazy 12-litre engine producing between 600 and 800 hp have been shelved, Ariel is currently working on another Atom variant equipped with a 500 hp, 2.4-litre V8 aimed to compete with the Caterham R500. If that’s not going to keep them busy, Ariel is also contemplating a return to its roots with the production of a new motorcycle.

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