Alfa Romeo and ‘Avatar’s’ Federico Alliney create official artwork

Alfa Romeo and ‘Avatar’s’ Federico Alliney create official artwork

If you’re both an art fan and a Alfa Romeo fan then this might just be something made perfectly for you. The same artist behind the three dimensional landscapes James Cameron’s movie blockbuster, ‘Avatar’, and the distinctive visual image of the film ‘District 9’ has created a unique set of limited edition prints to celebrate Alfa Romeo’s Centenary.

Called the ‘Snake and the Cross Collection’, the artwork by Federico Alliney is as creative and unusual as his cinematic work, some, such as ‘La Bella e La Bestia’ depicting Alfa Romeos in places as other-worldly as the visual feast of Avatar; some in worlds suggested by the cars themselves; others with interpretations of the their own historical place in Alfa Romeo’s history and some, such as the Alfa Romeo 8C featured in ‘Dorian Red’, illustrating Alfa Romeo’s lasting legacy to the history of the car.

“It’s as if Alfa Romeo cars are linked to our inner self and to the essence of the earth,” explains the artist. “There is the most perfect encounter between aesthetics and mechanics. The mechanical elements do not seem to result from an engineering exercise but have their roots in a work of art which rises above the limits of its body and its invisible aura. This is the starting point of my research: to capture the subtle connection between the object and its soul which makes its shape resonate with the soul.”

“I wanted to transport the onlooker inside my paintings. For this intent I use a pictorial technique which I have developed as a movie designer, painting with light, superimposing layers of light and shadow which complement each other. The result of this treatment is then elaborated with pictorial techniques to make the smallest details stand out of the painting.”

Fully sanctioned by Alfa Romeo, each print is limited to maximum of 30 copies and, depending on reproduction size and mounting, ranges in cost from 195 Euros to 1095 Euros.

The ‘Snake and the Cross Collection’ is the latest collection to be produced by Alfa Romeo Art, the existence of which firmly illustrates the passion and enthusiasm behind Alfa Romeo. The organization, which is based in Switzerland, commissions a wide range of artwork all created around Alfa Romeo and offers it for sale in limited editions. Every art work is created to Museum quality standards and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The range of artwork offered by Alfa Romeo Art is remarkable and covers key areas such as the production cars, motorsport, passion and icons, advertising and vintage artwork commissioned by Alfa Romeo. In addition there are limited edition collections, such as the newly launched ‘Snake and the Cross Collection’, the Centenary Collection and even an Abstract collection called AlfaScope, with iconic Alfa Romeo imagery hidden in fragmented kaleidoscopic artworks.

Alfa Romeo Art may be visited at, from where the art work may be purchased for delivery to New Zealand.

Check out more images from the collection in the gallery below.

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