Advertising boob creates 517 accidents

Advertising boob creates 517 accidents


A risqué mobile advertising display in Russia’s capital city Moscow created so many accidents in one day that local police have now impounded the 30 trucks emblazoned with the image of a woman’s breasts.

The massive billboard advertisements were placed on the side of the box body trucks, and featured a woman’s breasts cupped in her hands, with the slogan “they attract” written across her nipples.

The stunt was created by an advertising agency specialising in mobile advertisements but it didn’t go quite to plan.

Unfortunately for the agency, the lifelike billboard images attracted the attention of too many male motorists, creating carnage as they ploughed into other vehicles while looking at the pair of breasts, rather than paying attention to the traffic around them.

Moscow Police report that there were 517 accidents caused by the breast emblazoned trucks, and have impounded them until the images can be removed.

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