Rally Legends – Top-Down Racing Action

Rally Legends – Top-Down Racing Action

Rally Legends features 102 races set over 17 tracks, playable in both directions. The game takes you through three different race modes: Rally, Drift and Arcade.


In Rally mode it’s a flat-out time attack – the quickest time wins – with your trusty Welsh navigator guiding you through the corners.

In Drift mode it’s all about getting it sideways and keeping it sideways. While you’re drifting, you’re scoring points and if you link the corners you’ll increase the drift multiplier.

Arcade mode is the most tricky, but the most addictive. Collect the line of tokens on the race line.

The ghost car will help improve your driving style, especially in Rally mode where you can see exactly where you lose and gain time.
Finally, there’s the challenge mode where, Openfeint will allow you to send a challenge to a friend to beat your time. Global leaderboards for each track are available, too.

Rally Legends is aimed at those who want a challenging game with a lot of replayability. “We listened to the feedback from Drift Legends and improved gameplay dramatically. The cars are slightly easier to drive, but still offer enough challenges to keep players coming back to achieve the gold scores” said Darren Cottingham, Executive Producer.

While it’s relatively easy to achieve a bronze score on a track, winning gold is a whole different story.
Download Rally Legends to your iOS device here.


  • Support for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
  • Android version coming September 2012
  • 17 themed tracks, playable in both directions and set in New Zealand, Australia, Tanzania, Morocco, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Turkey and Spain
  • Multi-layered tracks – drive under overhanging trees, and through water.
  • Score bronze, silver or gold in the tracks
  • 3 cars – the cars’ livery is upgraded through the game – with more free cars coming in August 2012
  • Bonus content – unlock screen wallpapers of cars
  • Ghost mode – play against your fastest time or best score
  • Openfeint leaderboards – scores are stored per car and per track. The top 1000 scores for each track are available per car
  • Challenge a friend – send a challenge to one or more Openfeint friends and they get to race against your ghost car
  • Complete overview including track tips and how to play: www.rallylegendsgame.com

Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/drift.legends
Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/driftlegends
iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rallylegends/id526617002?ls=1&mt=8
Rally Legends is published by Parkside Digital and Rush Digital.

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