The worst thing about moving house

The worst thing about moving house

I moved house this weekend and was fortunate enough to have a Toyota Land Cruiser to take a couple of things that I didn’t want in the back of a removals truck. The only hassle was the 13-point turn to get the beast turned around at the end of the driveway. The driveway’s really narrow so there’s only an inch either side of the Land Cruisers wing mirrors). I thought about backing the LC down the driveway, but with large nikau palms spaced along its length (which are more resilient than Land Cruiser panels) I figured that, despite the LC’s copious reversing sensors and camera, it was much safer to come out forwards, especially seeing as going in forwards elicited a chorus of warning tones reminiscent of a casino’s gaming machines.

But that’s not the biggest hassle about moving. It’s not even the laborious packing/unpacking. No, the worst is going to a new supermarket and not knowing where anything is. I had a mental checklist of exactly where to look in my old supermarket, but now it’s like getting into a car where the accelerator is on the steering wheel, and the brake is the volume knob – you have to take things slowly.

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