The Impreza launch

The Impreza launch

Subaru definitely know how to put on a good launch. A 4:45am start meant I got to the airport at 6:15 for the 6:50am flight to ChCh. I’ve owned a few Subarus (Legacy RS RA, version 1 WRX hatch, and version 4 STI Type R coupe), so I was looking forward to seeing what version 10 was like. From the photos we’d had, my initial impression was that it was a different type of ugly to the previous cars. Versions 1-9 of the WRX and WRX STI (and particularly version 7) were ugly. Why break the habit of a lifetime? I mean, WRX owners buy them for the power, handling and rally-bred image.

Arriving in Queenstown on a fantastic day with clear skies, all 15 or so of us were bundled into a bus and taken to the helicopter area where, in a hangar, a car lay hidden beneath a car cover. Chris Rickard, Subaru’s GM, gave us a few of the juicy details, made out he was about to do the reveal, then the hangar door rose to reveal helicopters. We weren’t about the see the car then: we had to wait.

More later…

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