Thank the Chinese for $2 sunglasses

I had enough. Another pair of moderately expensive sunglasses lost to a press car somewhere. So, from now on I’m only buying $2 sunglasses.

What’s happened with sunnies is that for $2 you can now get what looks like a $200 pair of sunglasses because the Chinese manufacturers don’t exactly respect the intellectual property of Gucci, Prada and YSL.

And the same goes for cars – Lifan’s Mini ripoff debuted earlier this year; another company released a car that looked remarkably similar to a smart fortwo. Even Great Wall (which will be coming to New Zealand) has a ute that looks like a couple of other manufacturers’ utes have been smooshed together.

Is it that cars are now designed on a computer by a committee and almost all of the really distinctive shapes within the realms of practicality have already been and gone? Certainly there’s less opportunities for radical design on sunglasses, and therefore any design might look like something that was or is already made by a ‘designer’ company somewhere.

Perhaps (and this has been said by many before me), it’s that Chinese industry is great a copying and not so great at innovation?

It’s just a pity they can’t make a 1kg block of tasty cheese for $2.

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