Suzuki Swift: Is it a misnomer?

Suzuki Swift: Is it a misnomer?

Manufacturers optimistically call their cars all kinds of names to trick us into believing they’re better than they are, and it was a question asked of me by a colleague about the Swift Sport. Murcielago is probably the most apt name from any manufacturer: a fighting bull, powerful and muscular to go with theĀ  Lamborghini’s extreme horsepower. Buy a Murcielago amd you would ordinarily be able to use about 19% of its capability. The rest would be wasted except for short burst of overtaking, or if you managed a track day. With the Swift, you can have joyous fun on any open road, and even in the city.

The Swift is not exactly ‘swift’ compared to a Lamborghini, but its sheer nippiness makes it feel that way.

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