Santa Fe – coincidentally festive, and better than weedy horns

I gave back the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion. I had occasion to use its horn twice, and both times I was embarrassed at how weedy and ineffectual it sounded. The second time I used it was on Esmonde Rd onramp when I was second in a convoy of cars entering the motorway at about 70kph. The lady in the car ahead decided that she would stop as if it were a give-way sign. How do these people keep their license? If only I had had an enormous truck air horn to vibrate her out of the way with.

I picked up the Santa Fe, a festively coincidental car, and large enough to fit pretty much all of St Nick’s elves (or a lot of presents). My first impression is that it is a very well-specced machine with adequate grunt. A 7-seat SUV, it’s got some neat features like the kiddie mirror, air conditioning vents right at the back, and a ‘cool box’ (an air conditioning feed to the central binnacle storage area). Open the trapdoor in the boot and you’ll find a complete safety kit including fluorescent jacket. A very thoughtful gift for a festive occasion.

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