Subaru Unveils Full Paige Advert

Subaru Unveils Full Paige Advert

Over the last couple of months, I’ve begun dabbling in that coolest of sports, surfing. As is the way of these things, I watched someone younger, more talented and infinitely more physically attractive than myself make it look very easy one day and thought “Yes, I need a bit of that action”. So with the help of Muriwai Surf School and my friend/personal surf Yoda Daniel, I’ve been grabbing a board, heading out into the sea and joining the ranks of people taking sick rides on knarly left hand breaks. Dude.

Full Paige Advert

Or rather I haven’t. While others are merrily catching waves, I spend most of my time thrashing around in white water trying to work out which foot should go at the front. On the few occasions where I do manage to haul myself into an upright position, there is a rapid transition to a face-first dismount capable of making passing fish wince. In short, I am not a good surfer.

The strange thing is that I really don’t care. By nature I’m not what you would call a good loser and this level of epic failure is more normally met with toys being despatched from pram and me going home, but somehow with surfing it’s different. Sure I’d rather be one of the chiselled beach-God brigade to whom hanging ten comes as naturally as taking their next breath, but it doesn’t bother me to be the incompetent guy who looks like he’s been poured into a wetsuit three sizes too small either.

Surfing it seems, is not all about the end result, but rather the joy of simply doing it in the first place. And with that in mind, I don’t think it is entirely co-incidental that Subaru have decided to pick Kiwi pro-surfer Paige Hareb to be the face of their Impreza range.

I’ve always been a vocal fan of the Impreza and actually took the unusual step for a motoring writer of putting money where my mouth was and investing in one. Being the bug-eyed incarnation it was a million miles from being the prettiest car on the road and as a sedan it wasn’t the most practical either. Yes, it was quick, but I’ve certainly owned faster and despite prodigious levels of grip, there are more involving cars when the going gets twisty.

But while it didn’t quite reach the top of the tree in any one area, the Scoob – barring the aesthetics anyway – still managed to be pretty bloody good at everything it did. The four wheel drive was more than a match for every situation, both on and off road, I managed to throw at it and the rorty boxer engine note gave each journey that little extra twist of excitement. Couple this with Subaru’s famed reliability and you had a car which you could simply get in and drive absolutely anywhere with no worries at all and a dirty great big smile on your face. And in that sense at least, the Impreza is pretty much a wheeled embodiment of the surf mentality.

Of course, I could suggest that the opportunity to put a very attractive young lady in a bikini on the bonnet may have had something to do with their decision too, but such sceptical, negative vibes are likely to land me some pretty bad karma from the surf Gods. And while I may one day get through the battle with my own incompetence, taking on the wrath of a higher power is one challenge I can waive.

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