FPV F6 – cleared for take-off

FPV F6 – cleared for take-off

The F6 reminded me that I really do have the visceral needs of a six-year-old. When I was 6, the endless acceleration of a jumbo jet taking off was probably the most captivating and exciting thrill; now it seems quite slow. That’s because I’ve now got an FPV F6. It can’t quite match the squillions of horsepower thrust aft by a Boeing, but then I’m not carrying 600 lardy passengers and their holiday accoutrements. So, it’s pretty bleedin’ quick, alright. Just gently massaging the accelerator brings in the cabin the sound of great tornados of air being whirled into the engine by the turbo. Then there’s the instant and rather savage gathering of momentum forwards.

Rod Barrett, who runs Ford Performance Vehicles, said that if the F6 didn’t do a sub 5-second 0-100kph he’d be very disappointed. The original F6 Typhoon cracked it in 5.2 seconds.

I can’t think of a better performance ‘family’ car to buy for just shy of $80k. In terms of bang-for-buck, this gives a nuclear explosion, laying waste to the competition and leaving a big mushroom cloud of tyre smoke. Sure, the WRX STI Spec R is cheaper and will undoubtedly be slightly quicker, but it’s been tickled with the ugly feather and the stereo is rubbish.
But both cars took me back to a time when I would egg my parents on to drive faster – I loved the speed, I loved the acceleration, and you just can’t change some things.

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