Congestion charging, 20mph speed limits and the autobahn

Congestion charging, 20mph speed limits and the autobahn

Red Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London seriously risks not being reelected if he continues with his 20mph (32kph) speed limit proposal for London and the tripling in congestion charge. In fact, New York’s lawmakers have simply ignored Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal and let the bill lapse. Unlike London, though, Manhattan’s apathy means it misses out on US$350m of Federal money earmarked for mass transit initiatives.

Red Ken thinks he’s doing a favour for the environment by reducing the speed to 20mph but he’s not because cars are less efficient at low speed. The Germans, however, are doing the environment a favour. Reports are surfacing that the autobahns will get a speed limit of 120kph where no speed limit exists at the moment. Not that it’ll make a major difference – we don’t imagine a huge¬† proportion of people travel at speeds vastly exceeding 120kph. Therefore to me it seems there could be revenue generating aspect as well. But then I’m quick to jump to cynical conclusions.

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