Audi A4 launch

Audi A4 launch

Audi took us journos on a launch of the A4 yesterday and today. The highlight of the trip was using a private airfield (with the owner’s permission) to test the A4’s new dynamic steering. It has three settings. At the cruisy end is ‘comfort’ which makes the steering light and less responsive. At the other end is dynamic that makes the steering much quicker, and a bit heavier. The difference was amazing.  Through the slalom the dynamic setting allowed for incredibly fast changes of direction. So fast, that until you’ve done a few corners you’ll find yourself putting on too much steering lock.

The mechanical operation of this was shown in a Powerpoint presentation by a chassis engineer who had flown over from Germany, and it was ingenious. And complex. Let’s hope the technology filters down to all the models without it being and expensive option.

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