Beating the traffic: How’s The Traffic – traffic website

Beating the traffic: How’s The Traffic – traffic website

For those of you who can vary your start time by either working from home, or working later/earlier can take advantage of How’s The Traffic

It covers to Greville Rd on the Northern Motorway, Lincoln Rd on the North-Western Motorway, and Alfriston Rd on the Southern Motorway. You can view a map that shows areas of congestion in colour, but the best feature are the traffic cameras. I live in Takapuna, and Esmonde Rd is diabolical, so I open a window that shows me the Esmonde Rd onramp looking towards the Harbour Bridge:

This tells me that, indeed, traffic is, what we in the industry would call, ‘cack’. So, I mess around at home…I mean work. The window refreshes every minute, so I get up-to-date pics of the saps in the rush hour crawl that have to do it every day.

Eventually you can see it clears, and now it’s time to leave, because by the time I get to the on ramp, there’ll be a negligible queue of a few cars.

Not only does this save me up to half an hour a day sitting in traffic, it also reduces the amount of pollution I cause, and eases congestion on the roads through spreading the traffic out. If more people could do the same, it might make the whole traffic network more bearable.

Words Darren Cottingham

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